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Fun with AG and KB

Welcome to a bonus edition of the blog!  Aaron and Kevin are referred to as “my guys” because they first found TPC at a sport show while I was manning the booth.  They made several trips around the show, gathering intel and asking questions.  They chose us and have stayed with us ever since (7ish years).  These guys keep an extensive, on-going record of their annual trips and, as a result, take LOTS of photos.  I like to take my time and save my faves for blog fodder.  Let’s see how we do this year!

Aaron is FULL of energy.  All of the photos I saved of him this year end in “-ing,” e.g., Aaron hiding,




Somewhere in between playing and climbing he was shaving…

There’s the AG we know and love!  Prior to a simple-fix boat malfunction he was rowing

and being towed:


KB had a most-expressive face this year!  He was mugging all over the place–like the hotel,

the truck,

the cabin,

and the boat

Beer is a common thread among my guys’ years at TPC.  They like craft beers as well as beer beers.  They have celebration beers, certain occasion beers, traditional beers…

and my personal favorite…punishment beers.  This year was a ginger beer that KB had to drink for catching the worst fish:


I wonder if anyone lost their shirt over that bet…

Yes, my guys do actually fish…A LOT.  They fish all day, every day.  They explore nearly all 15,000 acres in the course of their week.

That’s a mighty big net, AG:

They do eat some fish but they like to mix it up.  They brought ribs to potluck (a guest favorite) and managed to have steak and chicken, too:

Meals like that are probably why KB needs this:

The guys saw a bear this year but were unable to get a photo.  Instead they caught a deer (next to a beaver hut), an eagle and our pesky geese…

They always seem to get some beautiful scenery as well!

I LOVED this perspective

and this close-up

This was a fave as well:

This might be the last pic of the A-frame looking like this.  Its owners will be making some changes this summer:

These pictures sure do rock (sorry):

Wow, I LOVE that one!

They got a shot of real glitter and one of pollen glitter:

I posted a pic of KB shooting the same sunset as I during their stay.  Here’s his capture and one much, much later:

Everyone awoke to a very foggy morning during their stay:

The sky stood out as a theme this year.  I always love holes in the sky.  I believe our loves ones who have passed are checking on us or checking in with us;)

I liked the dynamic in this pic:

Here’s an angry sky (we’ve seen that this week as well):

I called this one “the incredible lightness of being…”

Simply beautiful.

It’s time for your favorite game:  Is it my imagination or does this look like…

some of you said “hot dog”; others said “smile.”

I saw something on the far right side of this one:

Yep, a flying pig.  This one was a toughie for me…

I see splayed fingers holding a shot glass to an open mouth.  This one reminded me of swans in some way(?)

This one reminds me of two great friends who enjoy their week together to the Nth degree!  Until next year, mes amis!

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