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Getting into the Groove

Hey! Come on in!

For some reason this season has felt funky. I don’t know if it’s the 10-year itch or what, but I’m having a tough time getting into the swing of things. We’ve begun our third week and it’s finally starting to feel familiar. Thank goodness for patient, understanding guests!

Last week (2nd week of season) was one of the toughest we’ve seen for walleye fishing. A couple of factors were obvious: way colder than normal water temps and an odd easterly wind (as opposed to our prevailing westerly wind). We also had some ups and downs with air temps–everything from 70 down to 50’s during the days. Our “used” guests did well for the most part. Bill’s group returned after a three-year hiatus and brought in enough for dinner Saturday! I know they had at least one shore lunch during the week and (I think) another dinner. Doc’s group never struggles for fish; they ate well and everyone took home their limits. Our new and slightly used guests, however, had a pretty tough time with walleye. We had them fishing 6-8′ for the most part. Some discovered that sitting shallower, tossing into 8′ or so, and bottom-bouncing back worked for them. Everyone said the northerns were a pain in the butt! We added six new fish for Conservation Awards: 3 nice northerns, 2 smallies and 1 walleye. Check them out at

I had a request for a shoe pic:) I’ve been waiting for just such a moment. I’ve declared these to be my Saturday Shoes:

I love them–comfortable and fun!

We did not have an official potluck last week. We had social hour. Kenny wanted to bring his dirty rice and a few other guests wanted to be social. I did a couple of appetizers: Asian grouse lettuce wraps and northern/crab cakes (thanks Bruce and Debbie D. for the recipe). Both items were declared edible:

Official potlucks begin this week. We should have a pretty good bunch o’ people. Speaking of this week, Brett returned yesterday for a week of fun. I talked with him yesterday evening, and he said “When you can go fishing at 3:00 and bring back dinner, I think that’s pretty good!” We’ll take that as a sign that walleye conditions are improving. I’ll keep you posted. Rachel’s here with Bentley again this year. You might recall that last year she made the ADORABLE button fish(?) This year she brought zucchini bread and this beautiful garden stone:

Sandra sent Eldon’s big bass release, which I’ve added to the Conservation Awards page. She also sent a couple of other photos. Here I am saving her and Wilma from a spider opening week:

Certainly not my best side but I’m a hero nonetheless! Sandra took a pic of their last night’s sunset (entitled “As one week ends…”)

and their departure morning’s sky (entitled “Another begins”):

OK. Let’s close with a Justin photo fest! I know he’ll appreciate it and so will all of you! He’s been coming, like, forever, and he still has a great eye for our beautiful world up here. I’ll begin with a series of general scenery:

Shore lunch is a big deal with this opening week bunch! There was work to be done when they arrived at their spot this year:

I couldn’t tell if this was roots to that tree, a den for large critters, or both, but I liked the photo a lot:

On to the business of enjoying a shore lunch (fish or burgers or whatever–it’s a tradition):

Just like fathers and sons who take a fishing trip to Canada every year:

In order to have a traditional fish shore lunch you have to have fish, right??? This group does plenty of fishing all week, rain or shine. Here are some fishing photos:

These are the best fishing pics–Justin’s successful release of a big northern!

Justin knows what I like: sunsets and reflections:) Let’s finish off with a few faves I took from his camera:

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