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Good Morning!

and it is a truly beautiful morning up here!  It’s calm and quiet and supposed to get near 70.  I think there’s a good chance of doing some fishing!!!  We went out a couple of days ago…

our selfie

It was fairly windy but very pretty out there.  Thank goodness ’cause I almost got skunked:(  I caught one walleye seed; Gruper caught many nice eaters and a northern, giving him first, biggest, most and variety.  We kept two for me, and he was rewarded with fried chicken (I think that’s the 2nd time I’ve made fried chicken in 20+ years).

I’ve added some big walleye pics to the Conservation Awards page.  I think Bob caught most of them…I’ll share his and Ron’s pics next week.  Bob  never ceases to amaze.  He released a 25″er, a 26″er, a nice northern, and a host of others!

Blueberries are done, and I am blue about it.  I attended another sign-making class to help alleviate my sadness:

bath house sign

A couple of coats of sealer and we’ll be ready to hang it!  I still need to make a laundry room sign.

Murray has completed 1/3 of his special project.  It is incredible.  I’m hoping to wait and share pics when it’s all done.  Stay tuned.

It’s time for Marji’s Foto Fest!  She takes a lot of pics during their two-week stay.  I sort through them and pick my faves for the blog:)  I hope you enjoy!

Look, in the sky, it’s a bird…


it’s a plane…


it’s a double rainbow…


no, it’s Neal’s tree stand!


Neal took a bear during their first week.  I shared some pics but Marji always has a different perspective;)  Warning:  these are a bit graphic:


It’s odd how a thick coat of hair is all that really separates us from the other mammals.  Well, that and a thumb.

Neal is a bit pouty in this pic:


Maybe it’s ’cause Marji caught this


and he caught this


Not fair, Andrea!  Neal put a couple of nice northerns on our Big Fish page and also catches respectable walleye:


They did not catch this red horse, though.  Brandon and Lee brought it in to clean, thinking it might be a lake trout:)  It was a teachable moment, and the guys were good sports about it!

red horse

The two of them thoroughly enjoy getting away each year!  We enjoy that they get away to us!  Marji often takes interesting pics.  She had a few dew-soaked cobwebs this year.  This was my favorite


If you zoom in on this daisy-ish flower, you can see the dew on it too!


She and I thought this cloud looked like a dove.  Neal did not see it…


I think this cloud resembles an upside-down duck head a la Ducks Unlimited:


I thought these rocks looked like a mama duck coming out of the water followed by a bunch of babies…a la mergansers


I loved this pic of a great mossy tree:


and this one of a great gnarly (would that be gnarly gnarly?) tree:


Neal and Marji typically stay for two weeks.  When they first arrived these loons still looked like spring babies–all tan and fuzzy:


By the time they left, the fluffiness was leaving and the tan was being replaced by whiteness from the bottom-up:


Marji always takes some good scenery pics:




She captures rocks, trees and water in super reflections!  Here is one that is all reflection.  I absolutely love it!


This pic was taken in the bush when Neal went to recover his bear:


She found a fungi-tree, too:


She caught Tom and Marg sailing.  I’ll have to send the pics to them:)


I liked these photos:


as well as her great sunsets!



I love silver sunsets!

As you can imagine, blog fodder is running low.  I’ll share Bob and Ron’s pics next week.  I’ll try to take some photos of the lovely fall colors we’re getting.  I’d love to take a photo of a nice walleye I release today!  Cross your fingers for me!

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