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Good Weather for Good Fishing

Any true walleye angler knows what that title means:  it’s cold, windy, rainy and nasty!  Holy cow have we had some rain.  Lake level has visibly raised even more in the last few days.  There were a couple of rain warnings for our area, though we didn’t get hit as hard as possible.  Temps turned cold yesterday…50’s…with quite a lot of wind.  It is perfect walleye weather.

Last week’s groups did unbelievably well!  Our new group of 9 in the Bear’s Den had an incredible week of fishing, especially for being brand new to Wabaskang.  Everyone took home their limits, and the guys had a few nice fish fries as well.  Our group of 3 northern fishermen never got “the big one” but they did catch an amazing number of fish.  Two of them counted at least 150 northerns in under two hours of fishing Thurs.  They said they literally had a double on every cast!  Most of their fish were in the 20-25″ range.   They were throwing into very shallow water near grass (not weed) beds and reeling in slowly.  Two of the guys wanted to try their hands at walleye fishing so Steve took them out one morning.  Everyone had a blast!  They caught walleye, perch and smallies.

My campground friends are all doing well.  Sonny and Kathy arrived Tuesday while the weather was still nice.  When they returned from fishing on Wed. Kathy made the comment that they had thrown back more fish than they’d probably ever caught!  She was just tickled at a great day’s fishing; we were tickled at a great day of conservation fishing. 

John, Marie and Rachel have also reported incredible fishing.  John and Marie have fished this lake for a long time.  They like North Bay, Aerobus, Keynote and Ruby.  They will both receive their 6th year Conservation Award from Tall Pines Camp.  Marie released a 25″ walleye mid-week, and John–back to the wall and fearing being outfished by his partner yet again–released a 36″ northern a couple of days later!  I don’t have their photos yet but will before they go. 

I took a group to the dump Friday evening to see a bear.  There was one there.  On the way back we saw a cute spike moose.  They had also seen a cow and calf out on the Lake.  I saw a beautiful cow while I was walking south a few days ago.  She really was beautiful.  We watched each other for a bit then she crossed the road and went into the bush.

We’ve been busy around Camp as usual.  Steve put a new step and deck on the Eagle’s Nest.  I’ve been being M’Ingalls:

rhubarb pie and spinach salad with warm bacon dressing

I’ve since added another rock and another flower or two to the inuk-shuk area.  I found it all knocked down the same day I’d created it.  I thought one of our guests–who shall remain nameless–was suffering from rock envy and knocked it down.  He thought perhaps it was Stinky LaRue; she does like to rub up on things.  Anyway, I reassembled and it has remained intact.  Note to suspect:  there just might be a trail camera mounted out there somewhere…

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