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Grab some coffee and have a seat!

Hi there.  I have quite a lot to share, covering a lot of topics.  Get something good to drink, have a seat and (hopefully) enjoy.

Last week’s group did very well fishing-wise.  I’d say everyone who wanted to take home their limits, did.  Walleye are pretty consistent at 6-8′.  Both minnows and crawlers were getting fine results.  The water temp is hanging right around 60 throughout the Lake and everyone is liking it.  Perch were still plentiful, with average keeper sizes around 9-10″.   Walleye hot spots included Keynote and 2nd Lake.  Perch continue to hang out in Ruby and have appeared in the 2nd narrows.

We added 10 photos to our Conservation Awards Page ( with another yet to come (hint to Ken and Eldon).  That northern we added came from Jon T.–41+!  He brought his dad and brother-in-law for their first trip.  His brother-in-law made the Awards Program twice!  His dad retired a day or two before they came to Tall Pines Camp.  He celebrated by just missing an award for this 35″er:

You should've squeezed the tail, Bill!

Jon had a great time and huge success with his own product: Lucky Dog Lures.  His team even donned his schwag:

Fishing was great last week because the weather was somewhat crappy!  We’ve had high winds off and on.  It’s been unseasonably cool and even downright cold!  Everyone was bundled up late in the week:

We awoke Friday to an incredible storm.  It rained buckets, and boats had to be pumped a couple of times!  It hailed in the wee hours of the morning and again in the afternoon:

What the hail!!!!

There was a great advantage to the rain–I was able to break out some new footwear!

This whole look was quite attractive.

I had a very cool experience this week.  Steve called me and my camera up to the shed.  He had seen a hummingbird sitting on a shelf.  It was gone when I arrived but soon it flapped behind us and fell to the ground.

Its passenger-side wing was messed up–stuck in the “out” position.  I talked quietly to her, said I was there to help, and she let me pick her up with no trouble at all.

I thought maybe John V. would know what to do so we started heading toward his motorhome.  On the way, I gently folder her wing back to her body.  She sat for a second, let me pet her, then….flew away!  I think I’m the Bird Whisperer.  Pete, who witnessed the whole thing, has decided I am a healer.  Either way, it ranked right up there with cool events in my life!

Speaking of John V., Happy 40th Anniversary to him and his better half Marie:

Good people and a good dog, Dora (named for the famous explorer).

They left us today, heading back to Indiana.

John thinks that sucks!

We had them for 16 lovely days.  They promise 18 next year!  We always enjoy seeing them, spending time with them, and giving each other as much grief as possible!  Marie has my back, though, and captured a lovely reflection for me:

This cold weather finds me spending time doing a few of my favorite indoor things.  I made scalloped parsnips and rhubarb streusel for potluck.  John V. made an incredible pinto bean stew.  It was a hit!  A couple of other indoor projects:

A gift from Sandra--not always empty;)

Of course, others prefer napping while I’m slaving away over wine and pie.

He's got one eye open...

so does she--my baby catching a sunbeam:)

We are full to the brim this week–even the campground!  We are grateful to be so busy and count our blessings daily.  Max continues to be a tremendous contribution to the Tall Pines Team.  He has become quite the fish-cleaner and offers his services readily.  He has a lot of energy–way more than us–and impresses our guests as well as us.  I’ve told him to hold on to his britches this week:)

That’s it for now.  More soon…I promise!

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