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Hi there.

I had a little time this evening and thought I’d do a quick post. Many of you have made contact regarding the ice situation. We’ve had good temps and a nice breeze which have helped tremendously. Gruper could see open water at the narrows today. There’s still a big piece of ice between that water and our “big hole,” but the ice is black, soft and honeycomb-y which means it won’t last long. We’re supposed to continue with warm temps, hitting 70 again in the next few days. We remain optimistic. I’ll continue to share pics now and again either here or on our Facebook page.

Murray started work today. He’s from Dryden and has tourist camp experience (a plus). He seems pretty handy. Be sure to make him feel welcome when you visit:


We have a ton of loon, duck, and goose activity in and around the big hole. I looked out today and saw this blue heron right outside our window! I don’t think I’ve ever been this close to one before:


Gruper’s been sick since before we left Iowa. He saw the dr. up here this week and has a nasty upper respiratory infection (shades of my pneumonia last year). I thought some good food would help him out! I made chicken a la king from scratch. It was delicious if I do say so myself!


Just in case it didn’t turn out I had a back-up plan: mint chocolate chip and walnut cookies


Other than that we’ve been spring cleaning the cabins. All of them besides loggers 1 and 2 should be done by day’s end tomorrow. I’m washing curtains and have discovered that I may need to sew some new ones (ugh). Sewing is not my forte. Gruper and Murray got out the golf carts today as well as some other motorish stuff. I saw a boat heading toward our ramp which means they’ve begun preparing the fleet for when we get the docks in. Stay tuned.

Happy Mother’s Day to all who qualify in case I don’t do a post prior to Sunday:)

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