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Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone has spent their holiday doing whatever they want.  We’re very quiet this week, so we’re being lazy:)  Ahhhhh.

We had two mayfly hatches this week which affected the walleye fishing.  We’ve also had wacky weather…very cold mornings (40’s) and LOTS of rain.  Folks were working hard to find the elusive walleye.  Mike & Dawn made it look easy the first few days, then began having to work as well.  Perch were on big-time, though, which kept our guys in Cabin 7 very happy.  Big northerns were the bargain of the week, though!  Our guys in Cabin 6 had two big releases, and Michelle in Cabin 3 had a big, fat 38″er.  View some of those photos on our website.

Scott & Paul from two weeks ago sent some nice photos.  They had some big fish releases they didn’t tell me about!  Here are some of their other photos:

They entitled this one "Mixed Bag."

They found some of those "piggy" perch.

Scott and his buddy Grady.

I mentioned our friends Mike & Dawn earlier.  Mike had quite the event-filled week!  He got a big hook in his hand on Tuesday.  I drove him to the clinic in Ear Falls and they fixed him right up!  He and Steve went on a fly-out Thurs.  Here are a few photos from their excursion:

What the heck????

I'm always amazed by the amount of water.

They went on a similar excursion last year.  I had all the photos on my camera that froze.  I have a lot of good stuff still trapped inside that camera.  Anyway, I’m glad Mike was able to come up with good shots this year as well.  He and Dawn also got a couple of good skies:

Well, I have more photos to share from my brother’s visit last week.  However, I think I’ll wait and get them all together with some more of Nancy’s nature photos.  See you soon!

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