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Happy Campers!

Hi there.  We are coming off a busy week and entering an even busier one!  The weather’s been icky:  rain, rain, rain yesterday and rain/wind today, ergo my inability to get online and publish a blog entry for you.  I’m cautiously optimistic that I can get a fresh post done this evening.  The wind is dying down and the rain is hopefully done for the week.  Yesterday Gruper and I had to pump boats TWICE!  It rained fairly hard all day.  It was cold to boot…that deep-in-your-bones wet coldness.  A hot shower and sweats felt mighty good last night.

So, with weather this crappy we know what that means–great fishing!  Yes indeed, people are catching their fair share of just about every variety in Wabaskang!  It sounds like everything’s working, too.  We have folks using minnows, leeches, crawlers, Gulp, etc.  We have people trolling, jigging, casting, etc.  It all seems to be working! 

I have been horribly remiss asking people to send or give me their big fish photos. If you have some to share, please send them my way.

Quantities of fish have reportedly been great. Many of last week’s guests reported catching 100+ walleye per boat in a day. That’s fun fishing. A couple of our groups reported having problems catching good eaters; everything was too big (18+”)! We love it when folks have that problem;) TGF (also known as my guys) were catching walleye in 5-6′ of water all week. I figured at least 8′ but was wrong.

Dongot, Ed and Scott were fishing buddies all week. They had a blast…they always do. Here are some nice shots from them:

eds walleye
Dons walleye
Scotts northern

Potluck was awesome last week! Aaron of TGF was our guest chef:) He and Kevin, his able-bodied assistant, prepared BBQ ribs for 40!

my pets
minnow head
laydown beach
laydown dock
pink sunset
dark sunset
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