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Happy Friday!

Greetings.  We are finishing up our quietest week of the season.  Actually, the break was good for us.  We all needed to just breathe for a change!  It’s been unseasonably cool, very windy, and a little rainy all week.  Temps are in the 60’s by day, 50’s by night.  The forecast looks a bit better for the coming week.

Our quiet week allowed for me and a friend to roadtrip to Winnipeg.  One of our golf carts needed to see the doctor.  It was a quick trip:  up Sunday afternoon (following the Perrault Falls Yard Sale) and back Monday evening.  We managed to see The Heat–complete with popcorn and M & M’s–which was pretty good.  I treated my Envoy to a deluxe car wash and treated myself to this (here you go Florida Bob H.):


I didn’t ask for the big toe embellishment but I like it:)

Murray used the quiet time to finish screening the fish house:


The roofing has been ordered. This building will be like brand new!

Gruper began bear baiting. Hopefully we’ll have some trail cam photos next week.

I’ve added one Conservation Award photo to our website ( Ron released a nice 36″ northern. He, Joanie and Kelsey seemed to have a good time last week. I took Joanie and Kelsey blueberry picking, but Kelsey seemed to really enjoy fishing with her dad.

Ron and Kelsey


Scott was here a couple of weeks ago. He added a big perch and a big walleye to our Big Fish list. Check out his walleye on the website. He sent some additional photos as well (thank you, Scott):



If only this bug had landed horizontally, we could have measured him!



Well, I know this is a short entry but there’s work to be done. We’re back to the grind next week (which starts tomorrow)! I’ll close with a picture of Aztec Brownies. These things are like crack! I brought them to potluck Wed. I left some extras with Bob and Pat last night (thanks for dinner, by the way). They’re here for two weeks so they have plenty of time to eat them!

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