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Happy Mother’s Day

to all who qualify!  We hope you got to do whatever you wanted all day!

We laid pretty low.  Today was our last day alone for many months.  Murray had the day off, so we worked at our own pace today.  I put some finishing touches on the freshly spring-cleaned cabins.  Gruper continued work on some individual cabin projects.

The weather has taken a somewhat nasty turn over the last few days:  rainy, flurry-y, colder.  The nice weather last week afforded Gruper the opportunity to bring the docks over:


I’m not sure why these gulls were too good to use a perfectly fine bench?


Anyway, both sets of docks are still at the main shore station because of the weather.  While the guys wait for brighter days they can focus on getting boats put together and ready for the docks:


Our newest member of the fleet was delivered yesterday:  another G3 with a 40-hp:

new boat

The trail camera Gruper placed last week revealed little in the way of wild life (the critters disappear once we arrive).  This deer was the only critter


There were indicators of pre-season work, though.  Here are the guys hauling carpet to or from Cabin 11:


Those bedrooms were due for new carpet.  Murray did a nice job and added some base as well:)

new carpet

Here’s a nice new potluck table the guys unloaded:


Here’s the hard-working Toyota helping get boats out.  It started right up as usual.  Even funnier:  remember the old while trash truck?  It has been stored out of sight for two years.  Gruper started it right up when we got here too!


We went to the “quarry” for rock today.  Gruper needed some for the driveway; I needed some for this year’s make it and take it (can you guess???).  Anyway, we were able to see the den Sandra and I found a couple of years ago:


Someone lives here as well:

dune hole

We haven’t seen the cool duck again (wigeon or teal).  We have lots of activity in our duck houses.  There are tons of golden eyes and mergansers floating around:


We will continue getting ready for our 12th season.  We expect our first bodies Thursday, with more to come Friday and Saturday!  Wish us luck:)  Please stay tuned about the egg/poultry ban.  This link will give you up-to-date information:

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