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Happy New Year!

OK, already!  I’ve heard from several people that it’s time to start blogging again.  May 1 seems like a good time to start up again for the 2011 season.  Thanks for your patience (as well as your impatience).  Welcome back.

We arrived at Camp Friday evening.  It was actually quite beautiful–close to 60 and sunny.  I saw a moose on my way up 105.  She looked very round and I suspect she’s pregnant.  Steve saw two moose and a grouse.  I pulled my trailer without incident. 

My sister is laughing out loud as she reads this ’cause she knows how much I LOVE pulling that trailer.  I tried to kill it on my way back to Iowa last fall, literally pulling in the driveway with sparks flying, etc.  I’ll be darned if it isn’t all well again:(  Anyway, did you see what I saw in that picture?  Sure, there’s snow but we’ll get to that later.  Here, look again:

there...on the right

 Who’s that????

Stinky LaRue!

Some of you may remember that she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure last August.  She was gravely ill.  I wouldn’t have given you a nickel that she’d make it to winter–even with her twice-daily pills.  Not only did she survive the winter, she made it clear that she wanted to see Canada again.  She has gotten perkier and perkier over the last couple of weeks.  When we arrived at Camp, she was climbing on the trailer (trying to help me kill it again no doubt) and walking about like a youngster!  She is so good:)  Our Iowa vet said to keep doing whatever we’re going ’cause he can’t believe she’s alive.  My girl is so good:)

So, the good weather ended when we arrived.  It rained and was cold all day yesterday.  Today we’ve had much the same and even got a bit of snow.

We still had some patches in the driveway but I figured it was all done.  Granted, today’s won’t stick but it’s quite cold and very windy.  Days like these make me nuts. 

The thaw is well under way.  We have a huge hole from the falls to the front of Camp.  Ducks are enjoying the big hole.  We watched an eagle try to get a merganser just a bit ago.  Nasty.  Here’s the hole:

There will be no problem making this year’s late opener.  It’s nice not to be worrying ’bout that.  Steve can wait patiently for the ice to clear, then grab his helper and put the docks in.  What’s that???  Did I say helper? 

Meet Max!  Today is his official starting day.  He comes to us from way, way east in Sudbury.  He has a buddy who works at a camp on Perrault Lake, so he knows what he’s getting into!  He’s a right friendly guy who looks forward to meeting our guests and working hard.  He may offer an evening fish-cleaning service as well!

OK, folks, that’s about it for Camp news.  I’ll share a few winter photos with you.  We vacationed in Puerto Vallarta but I’m not sure where the photos are(?)  I did a lot of substitute teaching and even took one five-week assignment of 27 third graders!  I was a tired teacher.  It’s just plain hard work.  Luckily I had a nice group and we had a good time together. 

Stinky and I were goofing around with some antlers and the camera just before Christmas:

Isn't she adorable!

She insisted on taking my photo as well.

Kayla wore them to visit Santa.

She chose a ladybug hat for hanging with the Easter Bunny.

 I got to spend a bit of time with those two babies that joined our family last summer.  They are incredible:)

Two of the happiest babies I've ever met!

 Well, spring cleaning of cabins starts tomorrow.  I need to make sure I’ve got things in order.  I’ll carry my camera around and get you some good spring fodder.  It’s supposed to be nicer weather-wise starting tomorrow so I’ll venture out more.  Thanks for coming back.

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