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I’ve Nearly Finished My Ark

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping an eye on what’s going on up here, but the rains continue to come in the form of big, loud, dark storms! We’ve had big winds with the last couple of storms. It was ugly here last evening and again this morning. All of our new guests headed out today, though! I hear some electric knives in the fish house, so their efforts must have paid off.

Fishing was a bit tougher last week. I’ve posted two nice walleyes on our Conservation Awards Page ( Dennis’s 26.5″er and Diane’s 23″er. Many fish in the 20-22″ range were released as well! I’ll strip Lee and Cindy’s camera some time this week. Lee released a second 25″ walleye (I may have already told you that).

Look what Gruper found

That 38″ northern (aka pig) choked to death on a whitefish! The whitefish was still alive. It was really kind of gross.

Dennis and Diana returned. They had a nice time in spite of the weather. Dennis always seems to find a big fish for the page. Here he is with a variety of others:

Diana found a northern or two

She likes to take pictures of the sky…maybe she has good weed(?)

Anyway, here’s an endless blue sky

and what I think is a frog cloud (for you, Rebecca)

They saw a loon family in their travels

and just a pretty piece of scenery

Zach contacted me a while back and said his family needed to get away. Four generations of them showed up! It was nice meeting all of them:) They traveled as a pack, whether it was their arrival or their fishing trips. The third generation took a break after potluck to work off some food:

Joe’s vehicle required a little less work

I’ll try to do a bonus entry this week. Dixie left me 700+ photos:) Have a good week!

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