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Just A Quickie

TUESDAY??? Yes indeed, it is Tuesday and I simply don’t have much to report.  Fishing has been very typical for fall:  deep water; 2nd, 3rd and 5th Lakes; some nice-sized, puttin’-on-the-feedbag fish!  Neal & Marji, Ron, Bob H., and Bob H. have all returned some 22″ers and larger during the last couple of weeks!  Bob H. (birthday guy) returned a 24ish during the week, only to be outdone by Bob H.’s 25.5″er!  You can see the fish–but not Bob–on the Conservation Awards page (  Here’s Bob H’s face with a nice northern:


His wife Ann has a little too much time on her hands…

Andrew was here with his dad and cousin.  He released a FAT 37-38″ northern.  I still need a photo of that by the way (hint, hint).

We’ve been seeing lots of perfect-eater northerns (24-27″) as well.

Grouse season opened yesterday.  I saw Pat cleaning a bunch and Mallah reported that they brought several back as well.

Around Camp, Gruper and Murray are working on projects.  They are hanging gutter and downspout on Cabins 9 & 10.  Houston…


I believe blueberry season is about done for me:(  A few of us picked last Thurs., and I’m not sure I’ll have time to go again.  I made some muffins with random apples, blueberries and black walnuts for guests yesterday:


We held our last Scarf Party of the season yesterday.  Once again we had beautiful creations!  I attended a 2nd glass fusing class two weeks ago and am pleased with my latest creations.  The Picasso-style fish in the corner was simply for fun:)


Steve and Suzie were here mid-summer.  He made super wine and picked out incredible melons.  They raise their own eggs, too!


If you look closely, some of the eggs have an X on them.  I wonder how the chicken does that???

Freya is still here.  She has become very nocturnal–leaving in the evening and returning in the morning to rest up and eat.  She is still a handful but very pretty (the only card she has, Folks):


Speaking of pretty, check out this camouflaged moth:


Look who showed up this morning for the first time in ages–ELDON:)


I could hear him chirping and knew where to look!  He hung out above the main dock for quite a while before returning to his family.

Gruper is getting around fine on that broken foot.  We hope to have another x-ray today to make sure he’s healing fine.  Hopefully he’ll get that cast off soon so he can get some grouse for me!

I’ll keep my eyes open for fodder this week.  Take care.

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