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Let’s Call It A Season

That’s right!  We are pulling, washing, bagging, nailing, and every other -ing you can think of these days!  It is a lot of work to wrap up for the season.  Fortunately the weather has been muy cooperative!  I took a few shots of an absolutely beautiful-but-foggy morning this week:



Amid the madness of closing cabins I also took a few hours to attend a watercolor class.  This was my favorite creation and I think it may well be our Christmas card this year:


Our driveway is alive with color.  I’ll take the camera along if/when Gruper goes grouse hunting (hopefully yet today).

It is never too late to send us pics from your trip.  Gwin and Judy sent along a lovely sunset photo from their trip in early August:


I promised some pictures from Ron and Bob’s two-week fish-o-rama.  It gets a little boring, though…Ron, Ron, Ron…


Not fair, Andrea!  Bob added a couple to the Conservation Awards Page!!  Plus, he has this great new Under Armor shirt in this pic:


Ann liked it so much she was waiting for him at the dock!


They, too, caught the double rainbow the same day as Neal and Marji:


as well as a great sunset:


This pic was from Ron and Bob’s spring trip, and I still love it!


I this this was awfully quick.  To add to your disappointment, I’ll probably not do an entry next Sunday.  I’ll shoot for later in the week when I believe I’ll have more fodder.  Yes, this is the beginning of the annual weaning…

Take care.

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