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Looking Up

Welcome back. I am happy to report that things are starting to look up around here! We continued to see mayflies throughout last week, but by week’s end folks were getting into nice eater-sized walleyes, finding piggy perch, and wrestling northerns with abandon. Hip, hip, hurray! The weather has been lovely. Temps are in the 70’s by day; 60’s by night. We’ve had some rain but not as much as earlier in the season. The lake has dropped a bit but is still in good shape for depths.

I added a nice pic of Duane with a 41″ northern to our Conservation Page ( He released a 42″er yesterday but I’ve not yet received the pic. Keep an eye out for it. I added Russ’s 24.5″ walleye from two weeks ago as well. It’s a very nice photo.

Bob and Joyce brought grandson Matthew for a stay in the campground. Matthew was last here in 2006. Boy, have things changed:

Matthew then


Here’s grandpa Bob looking short in comparison!


While we’re talking about changes, I posted this pic on facebook this week. Lorne and his son Troy brought in the first crappie we’ve seen from Wabaskang:



It’s a good one, too! That wasn’t a small perch next to it:)

Gruper continues his bear baiting. I found this moose pic from last year and wanted to re-post it:


I liked this bear from last week’s trail cams. He has a whole “you lookin’ at me???” attitude with the camera:


This one’s Indian name is “Running Bear”


These two seemed to be discussing what to do with the barrel. Finally, the supervisor takes a break while the other guy carries out the task:



Since I’m personifying, this gull decided to take a boat ride (at least it wasn’t driving)


and still Miss Freya sleeps on the job.


Guided blueberry hunting has hit full stride. I conducted several hunts last week–even taking 8 pickers on one trip! I’m confident enough in this year’s crop to begin naming my take-home bags:


I made a fun new chicken dish for potluck–it had a lemon sage sauce that was pretty darned good if I do say so myself–and topped off the night with a blueberry zucchini cake!


I’ve not seen any bears while out picking, but Bob and Matthew saw this youngster on an island

bobs bear cropped

and this eagle was caught fishing


and Gruper caught this guy on the dock


I caught a much cuter guy on the dock–Brayton!


He loved his first trip to Canada with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa! I do believe he’ll be back.

Let’s tackle some more of Dixie’s pics (not to be confused with Dixie Chicks). Her hubby Randy (actually, I think Dixie caught it) has a nice walleye here and measures it:



They threw that one back! Here he is with a smaller, nice-eating-size walleye:



That’s a keeper! See: it’s that simple:)

I’m hosting a Salted Silk Scarf workshop tomorrow and can’t wait to see what it entails! Hopefully I’ll have some lovely creations to post for you.

Here’s yet another of Dixie’s sunsets to close this week’s session:


Birthday wishes to my seester Rebecca tomorrow and oldest brother Dan on Wednesday. I love and miss you both!

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