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Lots of Photos in This One!

Greetings and Happy Week.

I’ll start by saying we are considerably cooler today–60’s.  We had a couple of hot, still days until last night.  The rains came (again) with a bit of thunder and lightning late last night and early this morning.  There was a lot of rain all at once (again), and Gruper’s taller curb was put to good use:  we had way less washout between the Bear’s Den and our house!  There was still some but not the gully-washing, rut-making deluge previously seen.  The curb was given caution stripes this week by the team of Andrea and Rebecca:

I’m not sure why we put the rocks in the corner but we like them there:)

Rebecca headed home Saturday.  They missed her there; now I miss her here.  I made a raspberry pie for us late in the week:

I do love pie.

OK.  Back to last week.  Our Arkansas contingent had a good time.  Thank goodness they’re used to the head ’cause we hit the 90’s again for a couple of days straight.  Even the nights were hot which is unusual for us.  Fishing was affected a bit, but we saw quite a few walleye and lots of northern and perch.  I am comfortable saying that everyone had fish to eat during their stay.  Mark, his wife Diane and son Michael were new to us.  They like to northern fish.  They kept a tally for the week and caught 213 fish in 4.5 days of fishing!  That’s pretty darned good.  I’ll have some photos from them next time.

Duane, Jan and family were here for two weeks.  They always have a good time, and we are happy to be part of Duane and Jan’s annual world travels.  They left something interesting in their cabin this year:

Sonny and Kathy must have gotten my not-too-subtle hints in last week’s entry.  I mentioned that I hadn’t heard from them and had no idea where their travels were taking them.  I received an e-mail asking if they can come back and stay a couple more weeks in the campground!  I am elated:)  They should arrive late this week.

Lee and Cindy also must have received my not-too-subtle hints.  They sent Cindy’s 12+” perch pic for the Conservation Awards page as well as a few more photos to share.  I’ll start with their fishing photos.  Lee was into slot northern this year:

He found a nice smallie as well:

Cindy learned that for every 12+” perch, you have to kiss a lot of frogs:

Lee and Cindy stayed a month to the day.  They witnessed at least one small mayfly hatch.  Here’s the proof:

They also captured a great sunset

and an even greater “moonset”

I altered the moonset a bit and got this:

Rusty the dog and Charlie the cat provided me a great deal of animal affection.  I visited Charlie a couple of times just to get some “kitty love.”  She’s a good girl.

Rachel finally got me some photos from their trip in early June (thank you).  She wasn’t going to come this year–having a nearly 1-year-old baby boy and all–but could not stay away!  Here are a couple of the reasons she visits:

She also loves moose ’bout as much as Sandra:

Here’s a cool dragonfly pic,

the pet northerns looking fine (and probably hungry again)’

and an awesome sunset:

Most of all she loves her family!  Here’s mom Nita with a smallie,

Rachel and Bentley getting ready for his first-ever boat ride,

and Rachel, Bentley (Beans), John and Nita at potluck:

Psst, Rachel–just between us, John is coming back again in September…

OK.  Today’s last photos will come from Mike and Gavin.  They were here a couple of weeks ago.  Gavin has a nice smallie on the Conservation Awards page.  They sent along a few more photos.  I believe Mike called their new hobby “microfishing”:

They saw a moose in the lake:

and captured a great sunset/reflection:

Saturday marked one year to the day that we lost our girl Shasta, aka Stinky LaRue.  I’d like to dedicate this blog entry to her memory and share a favorite pic or two:

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