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May 13, 2014…

the day I almost drove back to Iowa;)

I just posted these two pics on our fb page.  First thing this morning:



Find us on fb if you haven’t.  Talk amongst yourselves and post pictures.  I think I have it set up so you can do that(?)

The weather today has been all over the charts.  It was rainy for a bit this afternoon, then sunny, now gray and very windy.  Big chunks o’ ice are coming to shore.  Our high was around 40 today.  Much of the same is forecast for tomorrow (Wed.), then we warm up and get some sun again.

Camp prep continues.  I’m systematically getting the cabins ready: making beds, hanging curtains, etc.  The bulk of the spring cleaning was completed on Sunday.  Gruper and Murray had an icky day to be doing anything outside.  They found some projects inside of cabins.  New boat motors get delivered tomorrow.  Eldon and Sandra should arrive tomorrow as well, a sure sign that opener is upon us!

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