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Mid-July, Mid-Season

That’s right–we’re about half-way through the 2009 season already.  Time flies up here once season starts.  Before and after season, time seems to pass way more slowly. 

Our weather woes continue.  Last week my furnace kicked on two mornings in a row!  It was 42 F.  Can you believe that?  6 C in the middle of July.  We’d never seen it that cold in July before.  Not only was it cold last week, it was rainy, windy, nasty–perfect walleye weather.  Most of our guests chose not to fish, though, which made their stay tougher.  They’d go out for a bit but it was so cold on the Lake. 

This week’s weather is a bit more normal.  We had two bluebird sky days in a row.  While it makes guests happier, it tends to make walleye fishing a bit more difficult.  Walleye have been caught on 5th and 2nd Lakes (that I know of) in the last two days.  They’re still shallow, between 8-16 ft.  The lake temp. is cold so the fish are apparently staying shallow.  One guest this week is doing well with artificials.  Another group gets minnows and crawlers every morning and they’re doing pretty well on walleye.  They also released a 40″ northern! 

Some of you might remember Jamie who worked for us three years ago.  He came to visit overnight and brought his girlfriend, Sam.  Jamie’s doing pretty well.  He works for Dryden’s Police Dept., bicycling around public areas and parks.  I think he still works for Walmart as well.  It was nice to see him and to meet Sam. 

I’m going to share some more of Lana and Marilyn’s photos with you.  I’ll start with a great bunch of a hummingbird on their window feeder.


Great photo! You can almost hear those wings!

Our hummingbirds are very social.  They let me know if they need more food.  They’ll fly into the office.  They hover near Stinky and me quite often when we’re on the deck.

Here are several moose photos.  The first two are what I call “Where’s Waldo” pictures. 

Less than 2 miles north of our driveway.

A youngster


I think it's worth a second look.

That's all for today...

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