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Mini Photo Fest!

I’m ba-a-ck!  We’ve finished another week at Camp and a new batch is arriving.  So goes the cycle.  Our week was OK.  The walleye hadn’t schooled up much until late in the week.  Most folks ended up with their take-homes, and I think everyone had a few good meals of fish.  Thelma’s goal was simple:  catch and eat her first-ever walleye.  She had met her goal by Saturday evening!  She and David tackled the fishing here and did a very good job:)  David released a 22″ walleye mid-week (thank you!).   Thelma was also an incredible picker, joining me twice and picking like a pro!

Bear baiting continues.  I grabbed a couple of pics from the trail cams.  Look at the butt on this one:

Something sure startled all the birds:

So it’s not just birds of a feather:

This is Tom.

He started fishing this lake a long, long time ago.  His first trips involved tenting!  He brought his dad and brother to Wabaskang, and together they made many trips.  Tom and his wife Jan

were joined this year by their daughter Patti and her husband Jason.  They both “landed” on our Conservation Awards page a couple of weeks ago, Patti for a huge walleye and Jason for a huge northern.  Jason has provided most of today’s blog fodder!  Here is his big northern being brought in (that’s Tom on the net):

Reminder of what it looked like:

I’m guessing this had something to do with it(?)

Jason takes nice photos!  Here’s one that will be a classic:  the new roof on Cabin 2 and the old roof on our house:

Here’s a loon with two babies:

I liked the sunlight playing on the wake:

Amazing that birds can figure it out and people can’t:

We’re now entering an entire reflection collection.  Steady yourselves–some of these are unreal.  I’ll start with an eye-teaser.  I thought this was a moose or something along those lines:

It’s ducks!  What a fantastic pic.  Here are a few more…

I’ve not seen the cliff interpreted like this before:

It looks like a giant munching machine…even moreso in this pic:

I’ve saved my favorite reflection for last:

Thanks, Tom, for inviting Patti and Jason to share in your adventure.  I’ll bet you loved having them here!

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