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News & Photo Fest

Hi there!  Thanks for tuning in again.

Meet Kyle and Nuts.  Kyle’s the guy on the right.  He’s been here full-time for three entire weeks now!  He enjoys the work, and we enjoy him.  He’s a Co-op student from Red Lake High School who lives in Ear Falls.  It’s so nice to have a local guy!  He lives here at Camp during the week, then goes home for the weekend.  Nuts is an orphan squirrel who thinks Kyle is his mom (imprinting I guess).  While Kyle is a very picky eater, Nuts is a bit more adventuresome.

Last week was quite slow here at Camp.  We were able to work on a few projects and we even went fishing one day!  I added a couple of big fish that folks remembered to e-mail me to the website (  We had lots of rain (again) and a bit of wind on a couple of days.  The Lake is as high as I’ve ever seen.  We fished on Thurs., and the Lake was rocking and rolling!  We hit 2nd, 3rd and 5th Lakes.  3rd and 5th were very, very rough.  I was thinking about taking a Dramamine;)  Overall, I caught the first fish; Steve caught the first walleye.  I caught the biggest fish; Steve caught the biggest walleye.  We both caught a lot of fish, but I’d have to say Steve caught the most.  We were using 1/8 oz. jigs.  I probably should have gone to 1/4 for a more confident connection with the bottom but I’m bullheaded.  We brought back two perfect eaters for Rebecca and me to enjoy.  It was quite sunny when we departed, so I opted for the Canadian Birkenstock look:

I thought the weather would improve and I’d be able to show you my freshly painted toes; however, it was just cool enough that I kept my toes undercover.  Plus, Steve likes to fish that rough water and I was trying to stay dry for the waves crashing over the back!  I’ve always said that his idea of perfect fishing is full rain gear, bailing with one hand, jigging with the other, and it’s not even raining!  Anyway, here are my toes:

Lee & Cindy have continued to do quite well fishing.  They catch walleye at high noon on a hot, cloud-free day…go figure.  Here are some of their fishing photos as well as some of their scenery pics:

Good thing Cindy's along...

Guess I spoke too soon!

Golf anyone? Time out for 9 holes in Ear Falls.

Ducks on a dock

A golden eye in hiding

frisky little otter

Isn't she beautiful?!

This would have been my favorite if not for the next photo...


I think I mentioned that my brother and his family visited from Nebraska week before last.  Some of you met Anna (Da Niece) last year when she stayed for six weeks.  She turned 17 this year while here!  That makes me feel old…  Anyway, here she is with her aunts:

We all had a nice visit.  Here’s my bro and sister-in-law Victoria with two of their three children (Jake, a Navy man, is on a boat in the Persian Golf):

They brought Victoria’s parents, Marvin & Janet:

Here are three of us five kids:

We still have too many geese but it’s getting better.  We’re seeing a few ducks around now that the geese are fewer.

Steve caught Eldon hanging out right in front of our house again.  I think he misses Sandra and Eldon.

I know we talk about getting fish replicas instead of skin mounts quite a bit.  We’ll even pay the price difference for a replica.  Two years ago Roger Hartter released a 27″ walleye and took it upon himself to order the replica (not at all surprising if you know Roger).  The table mount was delivered here and I took photos because it was awesome.  Well, that was my camera that malfunctioned and still holds a number of nice photos.  Roger was here a couple of weeks ago and promised to send me one of his pics.  A man of his word, here it is:

The lake-bottom base was unbelievably realistic.

That fish is still swimming because of Roger’s conservative nature:)  Thanks, Rog!

Wow, I’ve been on here quite a while!  I told you it would be a photo fest.  Let’s close with a few of Nancy’s wildlife shots.  The last one will knock your socks off (bet you don’t have orange toes).

See his reflection?

I called this one Perky Loon.

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