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“Offishial” Fishing Report


Here we are, almost finished with week 1.  The weather has been downright hot!  I, of course, love it; others do not.  Temps have been as high as 80 but are probably averaging 75 for the week.  Lots of sunburns around Camp! 

I talked to two guys who’ve been fishing partners all week.  In the first two days they’d caught 125 walleye…and that’s with Ken napping quite a bit.  Other reports have been very similar.  We’ve seen some perch in the freezer as well as northern.  My Steve caught a big smallmouth just messing around this morning (yes, he released it).  Early in the week the fish were as predictable as any opening week; however, they had already begun moving a bit deeper than usual due to the bright sun and warm water.  Steve reported 61 degrees in fairly shallow water yesterday.  Overall, incoming guests should expect to fish a bit deeper than typical for this time of year.

With all this sunshine, Steve’s been busy getting more boats ready:

And I’ve been busy beautifying:

Critters are busy in the Lake:

I think Eldon was fishing. He sat there a long time.

Yes, Folks, the pets are back...we've seen as many as three.

These two moose swam across the Lake this morning:)

Critters have been busy in the house:

playing with her nut

taking a breather after all that activity

Sandra brought me a cool wine glass koozie, called a Woozie:

She and I went moose stomping (Sorry, Rachel) yesterday.  Sandra was wounded (knee injury).  We took some great photos, though, and I’ll pull them from her camera before they leave.  Teaser:  toads, poop, and moose!

We have had incredible sunsets all week!  Here’s a very colorful one:

Until next time!  I should have some fish photos after Friday.  A

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