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One Down

Our first week went off without too many hitches!  The weather played the biggest role.  Water temps went from 54-58 on Saturday to low 40’s by Tuesday!  The dynamics were unbelievable!  It rained all day Sunday, freezing rained Sunday night, then snowed all day Monday.  The lake rose at least 2″ which is good, but wowzer.  By week’s end it was beautiful again, evidenced by sunburned Justin and happy campers.

Speaking of Justin…he made our big fish page again.  He holds the record for consecutive years–I believe this was #9.  You can see his handsome walleye on our Conservation Awards page (, scroll down to the lower right-hand corner).  A total of 10 fish were added:  4 walleye of at least 24″, 2 northerns of at least 36″, 3 smallies of at least 18″ and 1 lake trout of at least 24″.  I know of a 13.5″ perch that would have made it, but the angler chose to take it home for mounting.  I’m not sure she knew about our offer to pay the price difference for a replica(?)  I know of a 41″ northern that was released as well, but I don’t have a photo (hint, hint).

Here’s a fun fact:  Dale caught five different species of fish during his stay (no laker, but a white fish).  He had fished Wabaskang before but not at our place.  Paul and his brother Bob have been here numerous times.  Paul’s Friday fishing included 32 walleye catches and 25 smallie catches.  He is quite the angler.  Here’s Bob with an almost-award worthy 34″ northern:

Bob Ever 34 N for blog

Paul took a photo of their snowy doorway:

Pauls snowy door

Don took this pretty pic of a sunset with snow in the foreground:

Don's snowy sunset

This week’s fishing is off to a phenomenal start!  Everyone reported good walleye fishing yesterday.  It sounds like the fish are back on track with their typical patterns.  Walleye are shallow right now.  Paul said some of theirs still had eggs but most were spawned out.  We’ll continue to hope that spring has indeed sprung:)

Well, my surprise door was quite the surprise.  Rebecca told me about paint that turns any surface into a white board.  The teacher in me was uber-stoked to go this to the fish cleaning house door.


Turns out the surprise is on me–it doesn’t erase:(  Something is wrong and I am not happy about it!  Stay tuned.

Sandra brought Gruper his annual gift of a T-bone steak.  I matched it with a chunk of salmon for myself:

steak and corn


Sandra also left raspberries.  You know what they say:  when life hands you raspberries, make pie


We had three more graduations in our family this week!  Our niece Jackie in Minnesota graduated high school.  She already has her CNA and has been working at a local nursing home while finishing school.  Here she is with her dog Molly:


Best friends and cousins Mya and Alysha (aka the little girls) both graduated from preschool this week!  They had a family get-together and each received a special cookie:

mya and alysha

We are very proud of all three of you!  Keep up the good work!

Until next week…

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