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One Last Tease for the Hunters

Knock it off already!  You act as though I NEVER post four times in one week;)  I keep thinking we won’t see anything new from these trail cams but I continue to be surprised.  Let’s start with some photos from Chad’s lost camera.  He and his family and friends were here waaaaaay back in late June/early July.  They added a couple of large mouth bass to the Conservation Awards page as I recall.  Here are some additional pics:

They found some fantastic perch!

Nice trolling motor, Don. Chad wants to know how old it is…

Bob V. has hunted with us a couple of times. He e-mailed that the blog is making him wistful (my word, not his) for a hunt. He attached a full-body mount he had done of one of his Tall Pines Camp’s bears:

Our trail cams showed some crazy wolf stuff. Here’s a family getting into something:

Here are a couple of shots that let you see that this creature has no soul:

Here’s a pretty good look at one’s face. Very pretty…

Gruper tried a new baiting strategy this year. Apparently it’s driving them crazy! This one is certainly curious…

He obsessed about it night and day…

It drove him insane! He had to have it…

therefore, he took it!

This is just a good pic:

I added another picture to the Conservation Awards page. Emma released a 25″er last week and her dad released a 27″er. This week Emma released a 30″ walleye! Holy cow!

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