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Yesterday’s snow pretty much melted off today.  I took a good walk back from the B & P Variety.  Along the way I saw a weasel-type critter but that’s about it.  I didn’t have my camera so just use your imagination.

Steve and I drove down Peffley’s road today to check on the docks.  They appear to have moved from where he left them.  There were a bunch of mergansers down there and a bunch of golden eyes on our end of the big hole.  I’ll try to get photos yet this week. 

We could hear what I thought was a pileated woodpecker today.  It turned out to be a flicker.  We get redbellied woodpeckers at our Iowa house–they look a lot like a flicker–but the flickers up here are big and yellowish.  We’ll end up with a ton of them around Camp.

They sound like a jackhammer when they peck.

I walked around some more looking for interesting stuff.  That’s the nice thing about this blog:  I’m trying to look at things through your eyes and am not taking things for granted as much.  Behind Steve’s upper maintenance bldg. I found these odd bones.

We're pretty sure they're grouse.

In front of Steve’s lower maintenance bldg I found this odd creature.

Busy getting boats ready.

We keep hearing the drumming grouse.  I walked way into the bush (behind Steve in the above photo).  Finally a female grouse flew into the tree above me and I was able to get her picture (it’s becoming clear that I’ll need a super-duper camera if I’m going to be any kind of blogger).

It was way up high, eating something off the branches.

Speaking of grouse, I made a tasty grouse stirfry for dinner the other night.  The ruffed grouse are all white meat and taste like chicken (to me).  The spruce grouse are all dark meat and taste a bit like pine needles.  I made a bison/broccoli/mushroom scramble for breakfast yesterday.  Last night we had pizza and I put spicy bear sausage in the sauce.  Tonight is eye of round moose steaks.  I guess when I adopted my mom’s rule of “you kill it and clean it, I’ll cook it” I never knew what I was getting into!


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