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I’m almost afraid to post!  Yes, I took all winter off.  We were so busy with sports shows, (me) teaching, etc., that I got a little lazy with the blog.  You all KNOW I’ll be back, right???

Our plan is to hit Camp about a week from now.  I’ll try to do an “update of our lives” post before we head north.  Once I’m there, we can hopefully start with some good spring photos and get back to weekly entries.

The good news:  Murray is returning for his 4th year!  We were beyond excited to get his call.  It truly takes a bit of pressure off of us pre-season and throughout the season.  We have a couple of nice projects in mind for him already:)

So please stay tuned!  I’ll share some family and friend pics within the next few days.  Once that’s out of the way, I’ll tease you with Canadian scenery at its pristine best!


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