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Photo Fest

Hi there!  I just realized that if you’re typing too fast “hi there” becomes “hit here.”  What would you do without me to share these simple discoveries?

Things here are good!  The weather has been perfect for a couple of days.  The fishing has been off the charts!  Bob and Ron arrived last Saturday (they’re batching it this year).  I’ve already added two pics of Bob and one of Ronnie with Conservation Award walleye (24-25″).  Word has it that Bob released a 27″ walleye today–I’ll try to get the picture loaded.  I’ve heard of at least one other 25″ walleye this week.  Numbers are no problem either.  Everyone comes in laughing about how many fish they’ve caught!  Neal and Marji were catching one walleye every three minutes the other day!  Walleye are still all over the board for location:  3rd Lake, 5th Lake, Keynote, 2nd Lake…anywhere from 8-24′.  It’s hilarious:  it seems like anything and everything is working right now, and that’s a good thing. Wayne and Phyllis caught their limit of walleye right here in front of Camp between the first two islands!

Blueberries are still going strong.  I guided a group of seven yesterday.  We all limited out in about 1.5 hours.  I think we still have another  week or two of good picking.

I am so behind on photos.  Today we’ll look at Ty’s.  He came up with Tom for his bear hunt.  Ty is serious about photography and has the camera to back it up!  He videoed Tom’s actual kill–I’ll not share that.  Here are a couple of hunting-related pics, though:

Tom and bear in the bush


Pair of bears

Tom and Kraig

The guys get out and do some fishing as well during their stay:

Tom and walleye

Ty and northern

Hi, Kraig!!!!

Kraig and his boat

Ty took some great foggy morning pictures:



I liked this perspective of the sky:

Through the trees

Here’s a nice reflection and some good scenery:


scenery 2

scenery 1

A very familiar site…

Little red cabin

I am fascinated by bugs. Maybe Ty is as well:



Ty takes professional quality pictures. It’s hard to do them justice on the blog. Here are some lovely shots of mallards. Sometimes I forget how beautiful they are…







Even more impressive than the duck pictures were Ty’s eagle pictures!






Here’s a nice photo of Camp:

Tys view of camp

I’ll close with a great sunset–one of many during their stay:

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