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Photo Fest!

What a week!  The weather is STILL so beautiful!  I have taken back all bad things I said about no summer.  Our temps are in the mid to high-70’s and the sun just shines and shines.  It affected fishing a bit–our new group realized they needed to low-light the walleye–but Steve and I went out Tues. and returned with our limit in a couple of hours (we threw back quite a few as well).  Steve caught first and most; I’d say we tired for biggest.  We had some die-hard northern anglers here as well.  They lost track of how many fish they caught although they didn’t find any trophies.

I’m still picking blueberries and was able to get out three times this week.  I’ve also been closing cabins as they become empty.  I have only one cabin left.  We have a couple of guys coming in Tues. thru Fri., so I’ll leave that cabin alone.  I will head back to Iowa Oct. 7 and still have a bit to do around here. 

Steve’s been goofing off as usual!  He’s been pulling boats and winterizing them, as well as getting ready to antifreeze the cabins and lock ’em up.  He’s also putting a new floor in Cabin 5; Cabin 6 got one a couple of weeks ago.  We’re road-tripping tomorrow to Winnipeg for a couple of days to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary:)

I have a lot of great photos to share.  I’ll start with Neal and Marji’s.  They’ve been coming for four years now and seem to enjoy it more each year.  They had their best fishing yet this year!  Marji enjoys photography and does a nice job:

They said this otter was really cussing them out!

I loved this reflection photo of floating sticks.

Looks like you can touch the sky...

Little, tiny minnow on a great big lure.

Whatcha' got there, Neal?

Here come a slug of bird photos:

Goofy looking cormorant

You can take my picture if you give me bread.

The mergansers really seem to flock up in the fall.

Something ruffled this loon's feathers.

Thanks for the photos, you two!  Hope to see you at a sports show and again next summer.

John and Brant from home left us a bunch of photos as well.  I have no idea how many photos of John I’ll have to send to the webmaster for Conservation Awards–I’m sure he released at least five walleyes over 24″–but I decided to use some of their scenery photos here.

How cool is this photo???

Steve got some fishing lessons from Ben.

Tony and Erik...real action or not? You be the judge.

How cool is THIS photo?

Father and son at day's end.

I take my cues from the geese...time to head south.

We feel the same way, Tony!

Sorry, ladies, he's taken. Brant's getting hitched in May. Nice stick.

Well, that’s enough for now.  I have plenty more to share…hang in there.

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