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Quick Updates

Hidy Ho!

Things have slowed down considerably around here and we’re having a great time just enjoying fall!  The weather has been outstanding!  We’ve been fishing quite a bit.  Gruper’s been grouse hunting as well.  The colors are as good as I can remember in our eight years.  I’ve grown to love cedar trees (as long as they keep their stuff):

The photo doesn’t do them justice right now.  The orange needles that they drop later make them really pretty now.  There’s like an orange aura around them.  Here are some other good foliage shots:

Wild life has been at a premium.  Darrell and Doris saw a bull moose, a couple of buck deer and some grouse on their drive to Ear Falls earlier this week.  We had a bull moose trying to canoodle with a cow across the Lake two mornings in a row this week.  There was also a calf hanging around the cow.  We think the bull was “ready” and the cow not so much.

Here are a loon and a gull we photoed while fishing this week:

We added a fish to the Conservation Awards Program page.  Gruper released a FAT 19″ smallie!  He also had this incredible northern on line for about 15 minutes.  I messed up with the net which was all he needed to make a break for it!  The girth on this fish was awesome:

The weather was cool enough one day for me to wear perhaps the coolest footwear I’ve ever owned:

They're like insulated tennies!

A couple of days later I was fishing in a tank top and shorts!  Darrell and Doris took advantage of some of the nice days:

We’re expecting good friends in tomorrow!  That will make for a fun week of more fishing and just hanging.  I’m putting together quite the menu of good food! 

Some of you have asked about Gus.  Yes, he’s still here:

He eats like a horse!  He’s still pulling all-nighters but not as often since getting fixed.  He mouses all the time while he’s outside!  Gruper saw him with four during the course of one day!  They are kindred souls–both hunters.  This seems to give him increased value as a pet.  Just in case we keep him, I’ve been telling him about Iowa.  It’s too bad he doesn’t fit in better around here:

I still need to tell you about my scariest day in Canada.  However, for now I must head to Dryden.  There’s an art fair this weekend!  Culture!!!!  Here’s a sunset I caught this week:

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