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Yes, that’s right:  September.  Suddenly we find ourselves nearly at season’s end when we didn’t think we would survive June!

I’d like to thank Hanna for filling in for me last week.  She does a super job with the help of Mary’s photos!  I just needed some time to recuperate from birthday week:)  We’ll get to that in a minute.

Last week was OK.  Our guys from home kept themselves in eater walleyes, as did Neal and Marji.  Kyle and company began having luck later in the week.  The lake was turning over, the heat and humidity were borderline awful most days, and as a result fishing was tough.  Our guys were nailing huge smallies in the 1st narrows for fun!  Someone has a pic or two of that.  Here’s Ben with a nice stringer of walleye early in the week:

Gruper and I were able to get out for a little bit.  This was our second time fishing together all season.  The first was the previous week on my birthday.  During the birthday outing, we took all points:  first, biggest, most and variety (the man shows no mercy).  Last week was pretty much the same…Here he is with a good walleye (please pardon my foggy lens).

I’m still having trouble with the fall bite.  I do every year but hope to adjust this week!

Neal got his bear Thurs. evening!  That gives he and Margi a whole week to just fish and hang like normal people!

This is the second bear he’s taken with us over the years.  Congratulations!  He released a 37″ northern as well last week.  They say luck comes in 3’s…I wonder what’s next for Neal???

The Bear’s Den’s new lid is in place!  The green shingles look good from the lake but really show how badly our house needs a roof now!

Murray’s putting some trim pieces here and there to add finishing touches.  It looks very, very nice!

During our monthly road trip to Dryden I was able to pick up some fused glass pieces made by my friends and me during birthday week!

I made hangy things and a night sky over the lake:

My friend Wanda made a cool inuk-shuk:

Speaking of inuk-shuks, we had an evening of inuk-shuking during birthday week.  I created this one with Dawn’s help:

I believe a total of three were created that evening(?)  Here we are hard at work:

Jenny, myself and Sal are hard at work.  Who are those other clowns???  Here’s a hint:

Can you see it?  It’s a Red Hat!  Three of them were here for birthday week; Rich stood me up for more important family matters.  Jim, Lee, and Jr. returned, though, and brought friends:

Curt, 2nd from left in the front row, shares my birthday.  It was good to have another Virgo around all week to keep things in order.  It’s the little things that drive us nuts, like Lee using MY wine glass.  He was forgiven, though.

Gruper did a fine imitation of Lee flexing his muscles during the group’s first-ever visit.  Dawn thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment!

You remember Dawn, right?  She’s the pervert…

Her glass consisted of a birch tree in the four seasons:)  Beautiful!

She hung out on their last night:

Jenny and Kraig were here for the 2nd week during birthday week–it’s become a kind of tradition.  They are building a new home and Jenny needed something beautiful to hang:

She picked berries with us and hung out on the last night…


Those other two gals are in these pictures because they, too, were here for birthday week!  Pat is our matriarch and Sal is my BFF.  Here is their glass, respectively:

We had a lovely week together!  Pat made eggs benedict for Gruper and Murray; Pat and Sal made me a lovely birthday dinner of salmon and invited Jenny and Kraig to join us!  We spent a lovely day in Dryden, visiting the suspension bridge and mosaic building.

and we picked blueberries!  Pat caught me and another worm with an angry stinger on camera!

My birthday potluck was quite fun as well!

It was mostly fun spending a week with so many great people!

and Freya…

and seeing my summer world through the eyes of others:

and knowing they miss it already…

and maybe they even miss us already:

I’ll close with a pic from Jeff and Sue a few weeks back…pause for reflection:)

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