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I honestly cannot believe how quickly August passed.  We’re seeing signs of fall all over the place these days.  The weather is good–high of 80 today with a pretty good breeze.  The nights cool off so nicely for sleeping.  We continue to get one pretty good rain each week. 

Fishing is good.  Walleye and perch were popular again last week.  Gruper and I hit North Bay Thurs. for a bit.  We caught plenty of walleye at about 21′.  Guest depth reports are all over the place:  some are getting fish at 12-15′; others are saying around 25′.  The good news is that everyone is catching fish!  Jim F. released a 36″ northern and Ty D. released a 12.25″ perch for the Conservation Awards Program (send photos, s’il vous plait). 

Steve and Jenni were new to us and celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary!  Congratulations!  They decided to try and find some lake trout:

Mission accomplished!  Happy anniversary (I guess?)!

We had a 25th anniversary in Camp as well!  Dale and Jackie were here for their 2nd year.  They did well fishing all week, had massages in Camp, and Jackie went berry picking with me.  All in all, I think they thoroughly enjoyed their week.  See you guys in the spring!

Steve and Jenni’s anniversary was the same date as my birthday.  I made myself an oatmeal cake for potluck:

Matt brought his dad Larry for a week of fishing.  They brought a lovely cheater’s cobbler to potluck with blueberries we picked.  Yes, we’re still picking!

Guess who else was here???  The Red Hat Guys

sans red hats.  A week with these guys makes me feel like taking the cure.  It’s not their fault…they just inspire me.

Check out this footwear:

No, they’re not mine…yet.  Marji’s been running around in them.  I’ve been wanting a pair and she gave me some good pointers.  I think they rock!

Speaking of Marji, Neal shot a bear last night:

It was his first hunt with us.  Good for you, Neal!  Kraig and Tom both worked very hard last week but neither took a bear.  Sometimes the bears are too darned smart for our own good.  They go nocturnal ’cause they know it’s safer.  There’s always next year!

We had a new group of six guys in Cabin 3.  Brian and company did a good job of finding walleye their first time on Wabaskang:

They left their menu and grocery list behind.  It sounded a lot like this:

I’m guessing they don’t eat like this all the time.  They looked pretty healthy:)

Gruper had to do a hook-ectomy—OUCH:

They caught one of many good sunsets as well:

Speaking of sunsets, Gruper spotted a cool moon-on-the boats luminosity Friday night:

The photo doesn’t do it justice–it was very cool.  Kraig and Jenny were over for dinner.  I’m sure Jenny would agree that it was very pretty; Jenny has my back (after all, we did marry the same guy).

Mark and Donnie were here a couple of weeks ago.  They had good fishing and Donnie had good blueberry picking.  Here’s a northern that’s bigger than any blueberry:

That’s a fat fish!  Good for you, Donnie!

Last week’s blog entry showed Mark and Donnie sitting on a bench on the dock admiring the lake and sunsets.  Here are a few sunsets they caught:

We’ll see you guys next year!

Bob and Barb Allen should be here this week and next to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary.  You may recall that last year they stayed with us for a week, went to Kenora to get married, then returned for another week here.  They spent two weeks with us this spring and were to return Saturday.  Bob’s health is not cooperating:(  He has been battling pneumonia and some heart stuff.  Please send some positive energy their way.

Our friend Mike from home is here for his second trip this season.  He just received word from home that his father-in-law has had a serious heart attack and is in critical condition.  He needs to head home to be with Dawn and their two daughters.  Our thoughts are with you guys.

Until next time…

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