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So, How’s the Fishing?

Hello and welcome back.  On this Memorial Day, we’d like to take time to remember our dads who both fought in WWII as well as our dear friend Rick back in Iowa.  Thank you.

Last week’s fishing was good!  It started a bit slow for some but picked up as the week continued.  Our big group from Green Bay reported catching 500+ walleye, large numbers of smallmouth over 18″, lots of piggy perch and over 30 northern greater than 30″!  They had three northern greater than 40″!  Any fish that qualified for my Conservation Awards Program will be posted on our website later this week:

Here are a couple of teaser perch photos from Corey:

Four guys brought in 108 one afternoon!

John and Marie are still here.  I hear tales of a 26″ walleye, a 36″ northern, and various smallmouth and perch that also qualify for an award.  They are the only guests who have qualified for an award every year since I started the program!  This will be their 7th consecutive year!  Congratulations you two!  Their photos won’t be posted until their departure–we like to get all their photos at once.  Also, they will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on June 5–that’s almost as good as releasing a big fish;)  The best news is that I have managed to positively influence Marie’s life in an all-new way:

I am honestly suffering shoe-toe envy.

 Aren’t they gorgeous!  The matching effect was almost more than I could take!  I did whip out a new pair of flip-flops for Saturday’s check-in:

Eldon and Sandra were their usual fun and adventuresome selves!  They got into some perch, northerns and whitefish:

Sandra caught the most but Eldon's was pretty darned big!

Today (Monday) is Sandra’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!  She and I went on our annual moose stomping adventure.  We ran across our usual variety of poop: moose, deer…

definitely wolf...

don't even wanna' know whose this is...

Here was a beautiful area:

Hey, what are those things I see...BLUEBERRY blossoms!

I found a great deer head with antlers and presented it to Sandra for her birthday!  She was ecstatic:)

I would be going moose stomping again next week with Rachel V.  However, she’s going to have a baby boy soon and thought she should forego this year’s trip to Canada.  I never dreamed I’d take a back seat to something so minor as giving birth;)  I know she’ll be here in spirit, though!

I mentioned our Green Bay group earlier.  They had their usual week of fantastic fishing for opener.  They spent the bulk of their time in Gawley’s Bay, 5th Lake and Ruby Lake, but also hit other favorite spots of theirs along the way.  Matt and Justin are two young men who will be celebrating their 5th consecutive year of our Conservation Awards Program.  See their big fish photos on our website later this week.  In the meantime, here are some other pictures they chose to share with us:

Until next year, guys!

Matt's younger brother Kevin caught this 34"er.

Gotta' keep those younger brothers humble.

Jaws, Canadian style

They said they caught a zillion of these!

Apparently it's been a long, lonely week for Justin!

We've already had many beautiful days like this.

I love this shadow photo.

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