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So I Lied…

Yes, I know I promised a bonus blog entry this past week.  It was so crazy around here I simply NEVER found the time.  Please accept my apologies:)

Fishing has certainly taken a turn for the better!  We saw lots of nice eater walleyes, perch and northern throughout the week.  We saw some HUGE bass as well.  I have no photos to add to the Conservation Awards page but suffice it to say we had a camp full (campful?) of happy anglers last week.

Gruper and I went fishing Monday for a spell.  We returned with one walleye (I caught none).  Vertical jigging was not working.  Our guests concurred:  trolling or drifting with harnesses was the secret to successful angling.  I heard about Rattletraps, etc. a bunch!  We’re just glad something was working after that awful slow spell.  Depths were still a bit sketchy…9-27′ was probably the range for walleye.  Perch were hanging around 8-9′ in weed beds for the most part.

Bear baiting is officially underway!  Trail cams are catching a bit of the action out there.  As we know, it’s not just bears interested in the bounty:


We have a couple of nice bears sniffing around as well:


This one has a mouthful of something:


This one is smart…visiting just after dark according to the time stamp.  That might explain why he’s so big:


Stay tuned for more fun with trail cams!

Bruce and Jean visited a couple of weeks ago.  I have incredible blog fodder from their family’s visit!  Bruce loves to fish and catches quite the variety:


I think Jean enjoys reading, sunshine and just being on the lake more than the actual fishing…


She is a kindergarten teacher (God bless them, every one).  I’m not sure but I’ll wager that this is something she’s doing for her classroom:


Bruce and Jean and a good aunt and uncle:)  They helped out with their six nieces and nephews during their week at TPC:


So Jean teaches kindergarten and Bruce teaches middle school math (oy).  I wonder which one sees more of this in any given school year…


I’ll bet this was exciting…


I loved this glittery ride shot:


as well as Tom’s sailboat in the distance…


We had lovely sunsets during their visit.  It was hard to choose a favorite so I chose a couple:)


I’ll make no promises about bonus blogs this week.  That way it will be a surprise if I do one!  Until next time…

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