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Sunday, April 26

Happy 18th bday Caleb Michael Orman, our 3rd oldest nephew and 6th oldest of all the nieces/nephews.

Our day was fairly quiet.  We had friends from Dryden visit this morning.  I worked on our house a bit more.  Stinky and I walked around the yard and found an eagle feather and some mysterious-looking “sign.”  I thought it was wolf but the location seems improbable.  Stinky sure sniffed all around and even blew her coat a bit. 

I’m excited for the Amazing Race and Sopranos finale this evening. 

The hole is almost in front of our house.  I’ll take a photo when it gets there.  We had pleasant temps today, but tonight is supposed to get pretty chilly.  Steve built a fire this afternoon. 

Tomorrow I need to start getting ready for the spring cleaning crew.  More on that tomorrow:)

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