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Sunday, Monday….you know how it goes

Yes, I realize it is Monday and many of you know that I blog on Sunday.  Things have been so whack-a-do around here that I had to reprioritize in order to keep my sanity!  Thank you for being so understanding.

Bear hunting continues.  Charlie began his hunt on Saturday and took his bear Saturday night!  He’s one happy guy right now:)



I think the bear looks like he’s smiling.  Tom, I’m still waiting for more pics from you…

The trail cameras are still cooking as well.  These wolves are checking out a bait site:


and we even had a dancing bear:


Kraig’s a funny guy.  Some of his pics were too “funny” to share with the general public;)

Fishing was good last week!  Walleye began the week around 12.5′ and ended between 15-20′!  They seem to have transitioned to their fall spots. 

Mark and Donnie returned.  Mark added two, 22″ walleye to our Conservation Awards Page (  Donnie outfished Mark for numbers but not for size this year.  Here she is with a “puny” 18″er!


They both commented that they had great fishing this year!  They threw back lots of 18″ and larger fish.  Thank you both so much!  See you next year.

Terry returned after a five-year hiatus.  He added an almost 40″ northern to our Conservation Awards Page.  He was fishing with Mike and a few other guys.  Mike makes it up here almost every year.  He enjoys fishing but is also in touch with his creative side:


I have decided that real men paint silk scarves!  It turned out beautiful, and I’m certain Karen appreciated such a personal gift!  Debbie joined us as well:


and Jenny continued to wow me with her sense of color:


She will join me in less than an hour for another session, as will my good friends from home Sally and Cindy.  Today’s event will feature cucumber mojitos (thank you, Donnie), northern pike ceviche (thank you, Debbie) and loads of fun I’m sure!

Eugene returned all the way from Alabama with his new fishing partner Hal.  Eugene was here just a year ago with his cousin Allan who has since passed.  We’re glad Eugene returned even though it was a bittersweet trip for him.  He and Hal limited out on all species including perch:


I’ve seen a few HUGE perch caught from the dock this week:)  Some even come with a northern attached…

We have honeymooners here this week.  Nathan and Cassie were married a week ago Saturday.  They are, of course, staying in Cabin 4, “The Honeymooner.”  Love must be in the air:  Tim and Kat became engaged during their trip to Tall Pines Camp!


Congratulations, you two!  Not only are they lucky in love, they are lucky in nature!  Check out these pics:




Not too shabby, eh?  Kat also caught a good sunset and a quiet, TPC evening pic:



For an update, Miss Lydia started kindergarten with a pink cast:

lydias cast

and Gruper broke his left foot when a boat hit it:


We were fortunate:  the boat landed on both feet and could have easily put him 100% out of commission for the remainder of the season (and longer).  Instead, he’s in a walking cast for 6-8 weeks.  Oy.

Well, it’s almost time for scarf class.  I’ll close with some lovely pics from Donnie:)




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