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Sunday, November 23


We trust this message finds you well and gearing up for a busy holiday season.  Eek.

2014 Newsletters were e-mailed today.  If you think you should have one and don’t, check your Spam folder.  If it’s not there, e-mail us at and we’ll fire one your way:)

We U.S. Mailed several letters on Friday as well.

All is well here.  I saw a photo on facebook today–already quite a bit of snow in the Perrault Falls area.

1st grade may well be the death of me.  17 working days until I’m finished with these 26 little darlings.  18 working days until I am recharging my solar battery in Florida!

Take care and be safe.  Talk to you soon!

Andrea (& Gruper, of course)

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