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On yesterday’s walk I was amazed at how some things survive the brutal winters up here.  I’ve always liked moss–the different colors, textures–and find it absolutely beautiful among the snow and muck.


I think some of that is lichens?  Anyway, I especially like the light green spongy moss that’s up here year-round.  It looks artificial. 

I also wandered across a giant ant hill by the Eagle’s Nest cabin.  It’s covered in grass, but those little critters were working away.  This hill is about the size of an ottoman.

They were coming in and out of here like crazy...working away.

They were coming in and out of here like crazy...working away.

Not so lucky at survival were the pine squirrel that “fell” out of a tree today.  Pine squirrels–for the unfamiliar–are about half the size of normal squirrels.  They eat holes in screens, garbage lids, etc.  That thing was barking up a storm and they are such destructive critters.  All I know is that it fell from the tree…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This evening, we witnessed the chain of life.  A mature eagle flew right by our kitchen window.  We looked out our living room window and saw this eagle eating a duck!  I thought it was a fish, but Steve identified it as a duck.


Then, two more eagles came into view.  They scuffled and fell through the ice.  The original eagle flew off with the duck and continued to eat it in a tree! 

They eventually flew away.

They eventually flew away.

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