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That Darned Ground Hog

What we don’t need is six more weeks of winter:(  We returned today from our second sport show.  We had 15+” in Schaumburg and about 13″ here in Iowa.  Ugh.  Lots and lots of vehicles in ditches on the way home.  I am happy to report we did not join them!  When we arrived home this afternoon I was reminded of last spring’s arrival at Camp.  Remember this from last April?


Well, here’s what we had waiting for us today in Iowa:


We parked up a ways and walked in.  Our deck was a wreck:


Oy.  Gruper just finished blowing the whole thing.  I did a bit of shoveling.  We had to knock snow from our dish–we had neither television nor internet when we arrived.  I certainly know things can be worse, but this Iowa/Ontario girl really does not like winter!

The weather made yesterday’s show poorly attended.  Hopefully, though, we made some good contacts Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We spent last night in our hotel instead of heading home:  better to be safe than sorry.

There’s not much to report Camp-wise. We had a voice mail from Murray when we arrived home today.  It sounds like we might have the same employee for…wait for it…THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS!  I’ve not phoned him back yet but certainly will.  Cross your fingers that we’ll be the same crew in 2015 as we’ve been for the past two seasons.

Gruper has been in Daniel Boone mode this winter:


He’s gotten 30 of the poor things.  This batch was hanging separately and appeared to have been killed and then hung by their necks…


I’m not sure what crimes they’d committed but it must have been bad.

Gruper has also been able to do a little fishing the last couple of weeks.  I had walleye for breakfast one day last week!

Freya the cat is still hanging around.  She doesn’t understand why we leave for days at a time but appreciates that Ben stops by and feeds her:)  She is one weird cat.

I continue to teach, though I’ve become pretty picky since I finished my long-term stint Dec. 19.  The sports shows command more of my time and energy right now, so teaching takes a bit of a back seat.  Oh, and sometimes I buy the cutest shoes in the world:


Talk to you soon!  Stay warm, dry and indoors!

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