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Time for a Quickie

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

I’ve begun some intense fall work, i.e., shutting cabins down, and I want to pick some blueberries this afternoon as a reward for my hard work, so this will be a shorter-than-usual entry.  Speaking of blueberries, look what I made in glass class:

blueberry glass

Freya was so excited that she decided to take a nap:


We had another pretty good week at Tall Pines Camp!  I added Neal’s two northerns, Brandon’s northern, and Frank and Lee’s walleyes to the Big Fish page (!  Nice work!!  In addition, most everyone seemed to be kept in eaters all week.  Mike and Laura were new to the Wabaskang game, so their week was a bit tougher; however, they seemed to be finding their groove by week’s end.

This is Frank:


He and his buddy Bender just returned from a lovely trip to Alaska with their wives!  Now it’s time for their annual trip to Tall Pines Camp!  Frank loves to fish, especially Wabaskang Lake:


They don’t like to make waves, but

boat wake

he and Bender catch a lot of fish!



and they enjoy the fall scenery:



Oh…that last pic isn’t exactly scenery.  It’s more like a fall fixture around here:  Ron and Bob are back for their annual fall trip as well!  Oh, wait…they were here for a spring trip, too.  If they keep it up, they might have to apply for residency!  I hear Bob released a 26″ walleye…we’ll have to wait and see.

Bender took a shot of Camp with the new Bear’s Den roof:


Murray’s doing some fancy stuff on the other side now…we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out before I get a pic.

Bender got some great sunset shots last week!  We had some beauties!


Frank has already promised a 2016 trip.  He’ll probably run into Ron and Bob again.  Maybe he’ll run into Curt and his buddies again…


If I can take time away from cabin closing and blueberry picking, we’ll do a Photo Fest with Marji’s pics next week!  Until then…

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