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Time to Wind Down

Good Morning!

If you’ve been following me for any time, you know that I’ve begun weaning my readers from the weekly blogging that occurs during our season.  The weekly blogs are fun, but I begin to run out of fodder as Camp life comes to its seasonal end.  The three of us have been busy!  I’ve been closing cabins for over a week.  Gruper and Murray have pulled and serviced nearly all boats, put snow guard on roof tops (a lesson learned from last winter), and were able to cojoin the two sets of docks yesterday morning.

Who’s that out fishing this morning?  Gruper of course.  He and I went out one day last week.  We had a blast!  I caught first and had caught many before he hit his stride.  My secret weapon was a 1/4 oz. watermelon jig and, of course, a minnow:

It was a smart-looking rig!  I was all over the walleye with it.  Gruper was using a 3/8 oz. because we were fishing so deep (34+’); however, there wasn’t much wind so I felt comfortable with a lighter jig.  I caught a nice 15.5″er for dinner and several of these cute little seeds:

I took the variety point as well.  I caught one 22″ish northern and this 10″ piggy:

Much to his chagrin, Gruper caught a PERFECT 27″ northern for his wife to take home and make ceviche with her girlfriends:)  That leaves the biggest point.  Once again, he came through:

That boot just doesn’t slow him down

He’s joined the Red Hats and is getting quite out of shape:

Looks like all of them need to spend more time at the Y this winter!  (P.S. to Jim:  your belly button in the solo picture was absolutely nauseating.)

The guys pulled the trail cameras.  We caught a couple of intruders posing:

This is a whiskeyjack:

Frank and Bender dropped in for a visit last week!  They are great guys and we enjoy fishing with them and feeding them!  We enjoyed a lovely spinach salad with warm bacon dressing (low fat, of course):

In the middle we had roast pork and homemade creamed corn.  We finished with Gruper’s favorite:  raspberry pie.  The only things missing were Gilky and Newton, and we even had enough pie for them.

Bender released a lovely 24″ walleye that I added to our Conservation Page (  I posted him on fb as well (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario).  Quentin’s 27″er is on both pages as well.  Here it is on the tape:

While we fished with the guys I took a couple of scenery pics:

It was a beautiful day!  Actually, the weather up here has been great all week.  Temps are around 70 by day, 60 by night.  The fall colors are unbelievable.  I’ll try to get some pics to post before I head home.  Speaking of which…I’ve accepted a long-term subbing position for a 1st grade classroom.  I’ll begin mid-October and finish at Christmas break.  If you don’t hear from me, don’t panic:  I’m just drinking heavily and resting up from a classroom of 7-year-olds!  Just kidding, of course:)  Anyway, I’ll try to keep you posted of any happenings.  Look for newsletters just before Thanksgiving.  They’ll arrive via e-mail for most of you.  Be sure to check your “spam” folders in case it lands there.  I’ll post our sports show schedule in the  newsletter AND on our website (bad belly button, good idea).

Let’s close with two pics from Frank.  He caught this eagle “fishing”

Most notably, he caught something we haven’t seen:  colorful northern lights!

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