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To Blog or Not To Blog…

that was indeed the question.  We have come to realize that this is a great way to communicate with our guests/friends.  Many of you keep in touch with us throughout the year, and this is a great way to give you little pieces more often than we’re able through e-mail.  You’ll still get personal replies as well, but this will give you a Tall Pines Camp “fix” when needed.

We were outside today trying to find a male grouse we could hear drumming.  I wanted to get a photo of him but to no avail.  The drumming sounds like a slow “thud…thud…,” then picks up speed until it sounds like a drum roll.  It is part of the mating ritual…they use their wings to make the sound and puff up all big for the ladies.

This one's for you, Sandi.

This one's for you, Sandi.

We saw another “sign” of wildlife.  There were fresh moose droppings between Steve’s two maintenance buildings.  Someone’s been wandering around up there.  I think I found some wolf hair on a branch while we were looking for the grouse. 

I walked back from the B & P Variety Store (where we get our mail) yesterday for some exercise.  A couple of guys were out working in a ditch along 105.  Looks like some beavers went crazy in there!  There were chewed logs everywhere and we think they blocked the drainage pipe, so these guys were placing a grate over the entrance of the pipe.  Environmental hazards, those beavers.

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