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Tough Week at Tall Pines Camp


There’s no gentler way to put it than that–it was a tough week ’round here.  We expect to be tired these days:  it’s been a long, busy season (a good thing); we’ve had trouble keeping any help, let alone good help (a bad thing); and we’re not getting any younger (a fact).  However, this is usually our favorite time of year.  Fishing is typically pretty darned good starting in mid-August, most of our guests are “used” (as opposed to new), and Gruper and I are able to enjoy ourselves a bit more. 

Last week presented some peculiarities.  The fishing was tough, tough, tough.  We think the lake turned over late the previous week.  We also now realize that the fish were transitioning to their “fall” spots.  That accounts for a couple of weeks of people reporting that the fish didn’t seem to be in the same places as previous years and not even from day-to-day.  Some of that makes sense ’cause everything’s been about three weeks ahead of schedule this year.  Anyway, everyone ended up catching some fish but it was awfully hard work.

Which made last week very hard if you were Gruper and Andrea.  We had a tough crowd ON US, to the point where I raised my voice to one man on Monday and invited him to leave.  I’m not proud of that–something any of you who know me probably realize (he stayed, by the way).  We also had some folks wanting more fish, bigger fish, etc.  Of this I am certain:  you’ll never catch fish in your cabin.  It’s also hard to learn a new lake in a few short days.  Folks may also have to change how they do things in order to catch more or bigger fish.  We do our best and most folks seem to appreciate that.

Weather-wise, we lost Thurs. to wind.  It ranked in the top five windiest days we’d seen in nearly nine seasons.  Our mornings and nights have cooled significantly (42 this morning when I awoke), but our days are still in the 70’s and low 80’s.  We continue to get a good rain regularly–most often at night which is perfect.

We had two bear hunters in Camp, each of whom took a bear!  Chris and Chris were new to bear hunting.  They are both archery guys.  Chris took his Thurs. evening, and Chris took his Friday evening.  Yes, they’re both Chris and–get this–they’re both Chris S.  Here’s a picture of Chris’s Thurs. bear:

Nice job!  I should get a pic of Chris’s Friday bear yet this week (hint, hint). 

Kraig is back for his fourth consecutive hunt!  We’re confident he’ll get another.  He reported seeing three wolves last night (eek).  I predict that by this time next week I’ll be showing you his bear.  Go, Kraig!

We added two folks to our Conservation Awards Program this week:  Dianne released a 26″ walleye and Geoff released a 39″ northern (please send photo).  You can see Dianne’s fish from our website:  Here’s a nice northern she caught and a nice walleye her hubby Rick caught:

Rick also got a nice pic of an immature eagle this week.  They’ve been very active:

Jim and Mary returned with Carly and Hanna for a relaxing week.  Mary was trying out her new camera:)  She caught a pic of Emily and Derek fishing:

and Jay and Bill’s catch:

She got a nice photo of this butterfly (check out the symmetry):

Check out the moss

lichens (I think)

and a close-up of an immature eagle:

Jim and Mary took the girls out for retrieval practice:

That’s Hanna…she’s Mary’s.  Mary went pickin’ with the girls

and with these girls:

She reports that they are dirty pickers.  I wonder where they get that….?

Mary got a couple of incredible reflections (the 2nd of which made me gasp):

Isn’t that beautiful???  Thanks, Mary.  You brought a little color to a tough week!  I may do an entry strictly of Carly and Hanna pics as a thank-you.

I’ll close with a reflection sunset taken by Mary as well.  I think I’ll go pickin’ this afternoon and breathe.

A special note to Mackenzie:  two years ago today I received the worst news of my life.  I still think of you every day, I still miss you every day, and I still love you every day.  Rest in peace and check in from time to time.  “Ant” Andy

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