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Weekly Update and Photo Fest!I have

Happy Sunday, Everyone!  We hope you are relaxing and making plans for the upcoming 4th weekend (we’ll be working by the way).

June 20-27 was another good week at Tall Pines Camp!  We had some new guests, lots of used guests, and everyone seemed to do quite well fishing.  Mayflies started hatching mid-week.  Folks commented that fishing definitely slowed down but that they were still catching all species.  It appears to have been a small hatch–at least on 1st Lake–and things should return to normal quickly.

Mike and his buddies were new to Camp.  They had a very good week and spoke positively of the entire experience.  They did particularly well in the narrows in front of Waubaskang First Nations and on 2nd Lake.  They were drifting in 6-11′ of water for walleye.  Low-lighting helped as well as staying shallow to mix in with those tasty mayfly larvae.  Water temps are around 70 right now, so watch for the fish to move deeper once the mayflies are done.

Smallies were still on their nests which made them easy to find.  Getting them to bite on the other hand…  Several guests reported seeing smallies and lake trout in the water but not being able to get them to take the bait!

I’ve added several new fish to the Conservation Awards page!  Kevin and Bill from a couple of weeks ago contributed 1 walleye and 2 smallies; Ron added a nice 24″ walleye; and Jay and John each contributed a 36+” northern!  I’ll keep adding them as I get pics.  I know Alan has a bass and a walleye as well:)

Jay and Bill returned, bringing their buddy John along for the first time.  They had a good week!  Bill and John caught these beautiful walleye



and John caught this nice northern as well as his 36+


Jay thought our pet geese were nice (we don’t but I liked the picture)


We know you guys will be back again!  (A special note to John:  please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as I type and for a long, long time to come).

Well, Ron and Bob were back again!  They stayed a couple of weeks and fished hard.  Rumor has it they lived on bacon for two solid weeks.  I hate to rat them out, but I care enough about them to let their wives know the ugly truth.  Ron will be astonished that I told on them:


Gruper will be enlightened that we women stick together and have as tight a bond as guys

divine steve

So, Bob and Ron caught some fish:






Not all were big:


Not all were walleye:



and not all were naked:


That should be a Tall Pines Camp hat, Bob!  I find it infuriating that Bob never takes a bad picture!  I find it very endearing that he’s a great friend.  I love this pic he took of Ron:


See you guys in the fall!  I am certain you’ll eat better with Karna and Ann around:)  Here are a couple of nice sunsets from your camera, Bob (except I turned them right-side-up):



and a pic of me working like a crazy woman:


Yes, that’s a sweatshirt!  Our temps have been very mild–around 70 for highs.  Mornings are a bit cooler but pleasant.  My lupines don’t seem to mind:


I’m sure Kevin and Aaron think I’ve forgotten all about their pics.  No, they know I’d never forget!  Here are some nice scenery pics from them:


and some reflections for me:


and some sunsets for all of us:


I have many more of their photos to share….so stay tuned!

This week’s potluck weather was way better than last!  I did roast pork, and we had a great combo of good, healthy sides as well as decadent desserts!  My plate was salads and desserts (no room on the plate for pork)!

We are a bit quieter at Camp this week which is fine by us.  I plan to start staining cabins, and Steve and Murray have some work to do on Cabin 2.  I also plan for Gruper and I to go fishing (don’t tell him).

The June birthday extravaganza continues in our family.  The 22nd was niece Wendy’s, the 24th was sister-in-law Tina’s, the 26th was great-niece Mya’s, and today is niece Emily’s!  Great-niece Mya turned 5 and celebrated by taking her sister Emma for a spin:


Hope your week is a good one!

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