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What Day Is It?

Is it really Tuesday already???  I can’t believe that.  Time sure flies around here.  We’ve been pretty busy.  Cabins 2 and 4 and the fish cleaning house have all gotten new coats of stain.  The fish cleaning house is now getting new screens (thank you, Murray).  Once we put a new roof on it, it will look like new!  The laundry facility has curtains on the windows and will soon have a stocked bookshelf for guests to visit.  I plan to put some jigsaw puzzles and board games in there as well.

Enough about projects, Andrea…how’s fishing???  Last week was even better than the week before!  By week’s end we were seeing good eater walleyes for pretty much everyone!  Duane’s cousin Ron released a 25″ for a Conservation Award.  He also released a couple of 21″ because he’s a good guy (thank you, Ron).  He is now a firm believer in “jig and a minnow.”   I know that Joe released an 18″ smallmouth, though I’ve not yet received a pic (hint, hint).  Scott was new to us and made the board twice:  he released both a 24″ walleye and a 12″ perch!  Good for him.  Rumor has it he’ll be back;)  I’ll post pics as I receive them.

Tim and Carol were new to us last week.  We joked on Thurs. that they were already old pros at navigating the lake.  They were using names for landmarks like they’d been fishing the lake forever, e.g., Johnson’s Island.  When they arrived Saturday I remember them looking overwhelmed as many newbies do; however, it took them no time at all to venture out and discover all Wabaskang has to offer. 

We have a nice group in Camp this week. Most everyone is familiar with the lake which is great for us. Yesterday was WINDY–holy cow–and quite cool (60ish). THIS JUST IN: walleye fishing is great today (I’m guessing due to yesterday’s wind). I went down and caught a couple of boats just now, and everyone had some walleye!

Let’s catch up on some photos, I say.  Larry and Ruthie spent three weeks with us this year.  They always spend at least a couple and have stayed as many as five in the past.  Needless to say, you get to know someone pretty well over the years:)  Ruthie and I have even taken a couple of vacations together now.  We have a tradition while they’re here:  I make them a nice dinner.  This year we dined in the Bear’s Den as it was vacant.  One thing that never changes is their choice of entrée:  Larry’s shrimp.  This year I served it with a spinach salad and roasted potatoes.

Dessert was an orange cheesecake with cranberry-orange topping:

Larry and Gruper get along swimmingly:

Probably the most interesting thing Larry and Ruthie caught this year was a northern with this in its belly:

Brett, Karen, Trent and Tricia returned for their second family trip to Tall Pines Camp two weeks ago. Last year Trent was a smallmouth fishing machine! This year he decided the northern fishing was pretty fun as well:

They even found walleye during a mayfly hatch and way-too-warm temps:

Tricia wanted to pick blueberries again this year but it wasn’t quite time yet. She settled for picking perch instead:

and honed her artistic skills along the way:

Karen takes lovely pictures! She loves babies. Check these out:

Look at this adorable picture of baby golden eyes:

How about some loon action?

It was a good week for sunsets (again):


I really liked this one:

Here’s a pic of our nephew Jesse:

I went through more of his pictures. He had some good bug ones!

Where’s Waldo?

I liked this reflection very much:

I took him to one of my favorite spots to show him some tracks. We didn’t anticipate this many tracks…

Rebecca thought it might be a den or lair area (good thinking, Seester). We definitely interrupted someone when we arrived:

That Rebecca, she’s a thinker:

I’ll close with Jesse’s sunset:

jesse sunset
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