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Winding Down

Greetings & Salutations!

Last week was pretty crazy at Tall Pines Camp!  Walleye fishing was out of control!  I added Mary’s 24″ walleye (she released two of them), Nancy’s 25.5″ walleye (her hubby Alan is holding it), and Roger’s 30″ walleye (his wife Dee is holding it) to the Conservation Awards Page of our website (  Gary, a newbie, released a 19″ smallie and Bob released two, 25″ walleyes as well!  It was honestly just nuts around here.  I think everyone took home their limits and had a couple of good meals as well.

Speaking of Bob (a couple of sentences ago), here’s his wife Ann holding a walleye that she did not catch:

She is a good sport, though, and goes fishing from time to time.  She is a blueberry picker extraordinaire!  She’s also crafty–not meaning sly, but creative–and made roses out of autumn leaves for last week’s social hour:

They were absolutely stunning and still look great.  She and Karna made some roasted tomato soup during their stay, too.  It was delicious, and I’m roasting and freezing tomatoes like a crazy woman so I can share soup this winter:) 

Speaking of social hour (a couple of sentences ago), Sandra and Eldon brought meatballs.  Sandra sent Eldon to purchase toothpicks.  Here’s what he found:

How appropriate!  We had a very social group again last week!  I matched my light-up glass from Nita and Rachel with a tutu from the Padellford ladies:

Green is my favorite color, after all!  Speaking of green, Cabin 7’s new lid is on:

Up next:  Cabin 3! 

Speaking of Eldon (a paragraph or so ago), that eagle has been very busy!  Mary saw him floating in front of Cabin 5:

He was all flattened out–literally a spread eagle–fishing perhaps(?)  I think he was getting ready for a date:

PAUL took this photo of Eldon and a friend in the tree by the dock!  PAUL also took these incredible pics of our mascot:

PAUL had several nice sunset photos that I’ll share in a week or so.  Here’s a nice foggy morning pic he took of Gawley’s Camp:

Check out the reflection…very nice.  Speaking of reflections, I took this one earlier in the week:

Honestly, I think I take that same pic every year:)  It is incredible in person.

Speaking of an incredible person, Marji was here for two weeks and took almost a billion pics!  I’ve been going through them in my leisure and will begin sharing today.  She takes a lot of photos of flora and fauna–something I do when Gruper and I are vacationing.  Here are some creatures:

This simple moth

is really beautiful

Here are some waves of not-autumn color:

Two mergansers catching a nap:

I’m guessing one of them snores:

Marji took a good shot of the falls:

Are those wheels…?

It’s not like we have shopping carts around here…

My fascination with reflections started way, way back when Gruper and I were normal people (vs. Camp owners).  I loved how rocks looked like arrows on a glass-lake morning.  See if you can see what I mean by these photos of Marji’s:

Now, I’m nuts about all reflections. 


Well, there’s more where all that came from.  I have enough fodder for at least a couple more entries this year.  Let’s close with a sunset and a moon (!) from Marji:

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