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And so it begins…


Already with the goose poop! Can you believe it? They’re trying to invade–we will prevail! A family or two would be fine but they keep inviting more friends.

Here we are, Day 2 of our 2013 adventure! There are already THREE Conservation Awards!!! Dawn got one for a Piggy Perch yesterday; this piggy was 12.5″:

Dawn's 12.5 perch

Mike and Dawn had an awesome day yesterday overall! Here are a few fishing pics from them:

nice stringer

two walleyes

Northern on!!!

northern on

This one was a nice slot-size of 31″:

Mike's northern

Sandra and Wilma went to Ear Falls a couple of days ago. They saw two moose (I haven’t even seen one this year)! Sandra got a couple of nice shots of this button bull:



I mentioned that we’ve had a few Conservation Awards so far, didn’t I??? Well, Sandra released a 24″ walleye today and Eldon released a 25″ walleye today! You guys rock:)



I’ve also heard talk of a nice lake trout caught today. Hopefully, they got a pic or two. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again this week! Until then…

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