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Everything's Bigger

That seems to be the theme this year! Longtime guests are coming off the water and time and time again that's what they're saying about the quality of fish. Numbers are still there, but size and girth are consistently bigger of all species. Not saying you don't have to work for them still, but we've lost count of epic days others and we've had on the Wabby this year.

Weather has been fantastic lately! Of course we could always use more rain, but 60's and 70's with some sun and cloud mix, light winds have made it quite pleasant at camp. Knock on wood, there are very few flies/mosquitoes/bugs right now. And that, combined with the hot fall bite, is making late August and early September the perfect time to be here.

Water temps:

Water level is still low; 2nd Lake and North Bay turned over this week, so there was more action in 3rd and Aerobus and of course our first lake. Live bait as well as plastics seemed to produce; minnows may have been the hot winner this past week. Two distinct bites happening- the shallow bite at 10-12" at weeds and the deep bite in between 25-30".

Bruce and Debbie enjoyed a two week stay, and were thrilled to get back here as they've been coming to Tall Pine for 20 plus years. They had some great success with smallmouth and pike and also caught plenty of walleye:

Newbie Blake was able to get some much needed vacation time and seemed to spend a lot of it in the fish house:

John and Ken just had a blast on their guys trip and already booked for next year:

Father/son Tom and Blake found the perch and got their take home:

Brothers Keith and Dale were prepared for EVERY scenario; think they could open their own tackle store. Met these these guys at the Fox Valley Anglers Club back in the states and glad they had a great time:

Tom and Debbie caught all the species including these 17"er walleye"

Love how they captured Earl doin his thing:

As long as the weather holds, we've still been doing out outdoor happy hour social:

Tom and Carol crushed it in walleye numbers this week:

and even managed to catch a red horse:

They captured these pics one clear and still day:

Mark and Tammy took advantage of this trip to check-out and de-stress and while they got out to their normal spots, they also had a ball in lake one, here with a nice northern:

The famous Bob Hansen is back and his first fish he caught was a 25" walleye, followed by a 23 incher and two 24" walleye!

Ryan and I took to the water for some mental health time and let me tell you, reeling in these monster smallies literally makes me giggle:

Ryan caught this 25.25" walleye:

While I landed this 22"er:

Caught this 22" dandy walleye- and Ryan captured my little moment with him as I released:

I chickened out holding this guy as he was so aggressive:

Loved seeing the guys fishing off the docks in the evening...

Joyce, Ryan's mom, made the trip up and Ryan got her out fishing in no time:

And with the fire ban finally lifted, we are back to having some campfires!

All in all, its been a great past two weeks up here. And with even more guests at camp the next two weeks, I'm looking forward to keeping the blog going. Enjoying a birthday dinner of walleye cheeks alfredo pasta with asparagus tonight, so gotta go. Til next time, everyone, God Bless!

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