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Fishing, Fun & Family

Here we are again.  I have a little more catching up to do with you guys.  Let’s start with the bear hunts back in August.  All four hunters saw bears.  Two hunters took bears.  Kraig set up a trail camera to see what was happening at his site:

That's not a bear...

but this is!

Keith & Kraig with their skinned bears.

Last week Steve and I decided to have a “Camp Fish Day.”  We had folks in four cabins and let them know they could follow us around the lake.  For the second trip in a row, I was ON FIRE!  We both had a great day–as did most of our guests–but I was unstoppable!  Here are some photos:

Bill and Chris were our only newbies.

Bob & Barb getting some action!

Craig tells son Andrew to get the net.

Gruper had a much better day than the week before.

It's hard to say what goes on in Eldon & Sandra's boat!

They catch fish and they laugh A LOT:)

This eagle on 3rd Lake watched us for quite a while.

Eldon’s namesake, Eldon the Eagle, has been very vocal around Camp for a few weeks now:

I had a bunch of apples hanging around the house so I turned them into apple crisp and put them in everyone’s cabins.

We had a beautiful foggy morning last week.  I decided to capture it:

I liked the reflection here (of course).

Check out the cool stool Eldon & Sandra had made for us:

The design is from the welcome sign that hung here until a few years ago.

Craig & Andrew let me steal photos from their camera.  They and Clarence, representing three generations, have been to Camp several times.

Nice northern, Andrew!

Nice walleye, too!

We totally understand fish love!

I was starting to think Andrew had all the luck!

Clarence is chief cook and bottle washer!

Andrew needs a nap after that lunch!

No potluck in September...just a social hour:)

They captured a cool rainbow:

It was good seeing you guys again! Come back any time.

The next entry will have some incredible fall color photos as well as an update on our Shasta cat (aka Stinky LaRue). 

25 years ago today, my sister Rebecca gave birth to Mackenzie Lyn, who left us without notice on Aug. 19.  I released a balloon for her today.  I continue to struggle with this loss–my emotions are all over the board.  I’d like to share a photo from a blog set up by her friends as well as a poem written and read at her service by her friend Jonny P.  His poem brought peace to the entire room and helps me still.


You cannot cage a bird that was bound for liberty Lofting ever higher through the gates of majesty In all my days I never met a lady set so free Like the captain of the eagles soaring starry seas

Soaring over mountains,through clouds and past the moon Through fields of sparkling stardust and celestial lagoons Freedom’s wind she sails aloft to the sound of a heartstrung tune But then one fated mournful day that eagle fell too soon

Screeches wail and feathers tear as she plummets to the earth Rising then a phoenix, landing at your hearth The phoenix eagle spreads its wings resplendent in rebirth To watch her fly away takes all your souls warm worth

She takes bid her final leave And flies into the night Shed you now one final tear as she trails out of sight Gone now is the phoenix leaving somber in her wake For heaven to take such a soul is such a soul to take

Farewell my friend my heart bemoans and know I wish you well If I don’t see your face again I know I’m bound for hell Soaring now forever free my dear sweet Mckenzie Captain of the eagles, bound for majesty.

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