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Well, Saturday was Adam’s last day.  We were genuinely sad to see him go.  He did a great job for us, had a great sense of humor and just fit in around the Camp scene.  Our guests really liked him, which is paramount in our book.  Despite our sadness, we wish him well. 

Congratulations on your new job...knock 'em dead!

Anna (Da niece) leaves us this Saturday.  I’ll drive her to northern MN, where we’ll hook up with her folks at our youngest brother’s house.  She’s been good help.  She and I have walked many, many miles together too.  I’ll miss my walking buddy:(

Can't believe you'll be 16 on July 1!!!!

It seems like we’re always saying goodbye around here.  When our long-time guests leave and we know we won’t see them for a whole year, it’s tough.  It’s really tough as well when the guests stay long enough that we get to know them, e.g., John and Marie were here three weeks this year; Larry and Ruthie just arrived for FIVE weeks; many guests stay two weeks; others, like Sandi and Eldon and Ron F. visit us a couple of times a season.  Then there are the newbies.  We get many new faces each year…some of whom are “at home” right off the bat.  We always hope we’ll see them again and that maybe, someday, they’ll be long-timers as well.

Thanks for choosing us; hope to see you again:)

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