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Happy Father’s Day!

We’d like to wish a big, fat Happy Father’s Day to everyone who qualifies!  We have a lot of dads in Camp this week, as well as some father/son groups.  Hopefully they’ll have a super week with good weather, good fishing and good memories.

Last week was another good one at Tall Pines Camp!  We saw Conservation Award-sized fish in all species except northern.  Tony, Brenda and Bill released 24″ or greater walleyes; John and Kevin released 18″ or greater smallies (John had two!); and Scott and Stephanie released 12″ or greater perch.  I hope I didn’t forget anyone(?)  Many of you owe me pics–please don’t forget:)  I have an icon on my desk entitled “Sandy’s Large Mouth…”


I must have meant Sandy’s largemouth bass!  Yes, she caught that on Wabaskang.  It’s a nice one, too!

Dave and Brenda were new to Tall Pines Camp but not to Wabaskang.  They stayed in Cabin 4 and loved it!  They are experienced anglers who particularly enjoy lake trout fishing:


Brenda has caught one greater than 40″ on this lake!  Dave caught a nice one as well.  Here he is with other varieties:



I mentioned that they loved Cabin 4.  Here’s a nice shot of their view:


Lydia returned with her Grammy and Papaw this year.  I wasn’t sure she’d come back after breaking her arm last year but she did.  I had gathered some rocks and Gorilla Glue for inuk-shuk making, and Lydia volunteered to be my guinea pig:

phyllis and lydia

She went a little crazy after the successful first one, pumping those babies out like crazy:



The weather was mostly fantastic last week!  It was actually a bit cool most days.  We had a HUGE turnout for potluck and it rained cats, dogs and turkeys:


We managed to gobble up almost two of them!  I had a gazillion carrots, so I made copper pennies:

copper pennies

and I had my first 100%-all-mine picking of my rhubarb (thank you, John and Marie) so I made rhubarb dream bars (I’ll get even, Sal, for you sharing that recipe):

rhubarb bars

It began to blow and rain, and we had bodies everywhere:


I held court in my outside office:


We’ve had several quick-but-hard rains here today.  At least it’s better than our Iowa home is doing right now.  Those folks have had lots of big rain.  Here’s a shot of a creek Sal and I walk past on a regular basis:


She’s at her banks.  They need no more rain for a while.

The rains we’ve been getting haven’t been too bad at all–just enough to keep things pretty:


I hung this geranium upside down in a paper bag all winter.  I remembered my mom used to do that and had one live, like, 13 years.  Here’s how mine’s doing so far:


I believe it will bloom!

Murray spotted this baby bird on the lawn this week.  Lydia found its sibling as well.  They were finches and the parents knew where they were.  I would like to think they got them returned safely to the nest, as they were gone the following morning.


Speaking of nests, here’s one of several bass nesting near our shoreline–it’s kind of a Where’s Waldo pic:

bass nest

The Schneider group was here a few weeks back.  They sent some nice pics from their shore lunch experience:



schneider shore lunch

Hopefully they’ll be back for many more shore lunches!

Rachel used her vast photo collection from Camp trips and my love of reflections to create a lovely gift for me (thank you so much!):


I have lots of sunset photos from last week (thanks Stephanie and Brenda)!  I’ll close with them for today:)




Actually, I’ll close with Scott’s starry night…very cool and I’m never awake to see this!

scotts starry night
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