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Good-bye June

Today's blog is best summed up in video and pictures:

The boat ride view leaving camp on a calm, perfect morning

Bridget reels in a nice smallie

Ryan catching some smallie :

Smallie Paradise here...

That was the strongest smallie I've ever held!

the theme here we kept saying was "Now that's a dandy"

Got into some big northern a couple days...

the weed left here is intentional- walleye were found very shallow


Water temps: Starts in the upper 60's and reaches to lower 70's later in the day

Wabby info: level still a little lower than we'd like; mayflies were thick in some parts, and barely noticable in other parts of lake, but didn't slow bite down and are now all but done. And to answer your question, yes we have had the entire lake to ourselves thus far- we've only seen one other boat the entire time out- it's absolutely surreal.

We zeroed in on casting when it was working, and also were successful with some jigging and trolling for walleye and northern. Targeted some of our go-to June spots, and also discovered some new areas where the fish were biting. Plastics, of course- trying some new colors to experiment with. Smallies were abundant on topwater.

Is June anyone else's favorite month of the year? It's the month where you feel like summer will last forever. The longer days seem to create more time to enjoy those cookouts, nightcaps, mowing at 8:00 P.M. and its still light out. For the teachers and kids on summer break, its those days of not setting alarms and lazy mornings. The month where "back to school" signs at the store are non-existent. Up here in Perrault Falls, its where the temps creep up each day to finally get to the 80's and then provides cool evenings to sleep with windows wide open. It's where you don't need to plug in a clock- you eat when you get hungry, fish when you feel like it, and go to sleep when you feel like your day is complete. Today is one of those days...Ryan is fishing with a buddy right now and I'm typing on my laptop while sitting on "the beach"- it's so still, listening to the cackle of the crows and watching the ducks linger literally right in front of me- and not a person or boat in sight. Awww...we know these June days are numbered, so soak it up everyone. July will be a fun month full of its own uniqueness, but there's just nothing quite like June. God Bless everyone.

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